Monday, February 19, 2018
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Explore past editions of Rocky Mountain Caving with this complete listing of issues by year. Many back issues can be ordered for $6.00 each.

Rocky Mountain Caving - 2013




Winter 2013

The Caves of Wyoming Revisited Project - by Chris Hill
Into the Far East: November 2012 in Lechuguilla Cave - by Derek Bristol
Tubing Northern New Mexico - by Michael Frazier
End of the Beginning: Why Double Eagle Cave may be the Start of Something Good for WIlliams Canyon - by Richard Rhinehart


Cover Image: The high plains of northeastern New Mexico east of Raton and Interstate Highway 25 contain several known lava tubes. These tubes have long been known by local residents, but only now are being explored and surveyed by cavers. Photograph copyright by Janis Mankous.


Spring 2013


How USFS Region 2 Hopes Cavers will Help Protect Bats from White Nose Syndrome - by Richard Rhinehart
Cave Cartography, Exploration and Scientific Research Imrpoved with Usage of GIS Techniques - by Tonya LeMoine
Hell and High Water: The July 2013 Williams Canon Flood - by Richard Rhinehart
The Dangerous Cavern: The Surprising History of Accidents in Colorado's Huccacove Cave - by Richard Rhinehart
Visitor Accidents in Williams Canon - by Richard Rhinehart
Visiting Colorado's Remote CT Cave - by Ed LaRock

Pike's Monument - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover Image: The destructive power of the April 1999 flood in Colorado's WIlliams Canon is evident in this view of the famous Narrows, taken a day afer the flood waters mostly receded.The road through the Narrows was completely washed out in the flood, probably never to be reopened to vehicular traffic. In this view, front to back, Mark Maslyn, Fred Luiszer and Richard Rhinehart stand on one of the culverts that reviously carried the Williams Canon stream underneath the road bed. The culverts were mostly removed in 2001. Photograph copyright by Carolyn Cronk.



Summer 2013


Rocky Mountain Caving Financial Crisis Delays Summer, Autumn Issues - by Richard Rhinehart
A "Lost" Colorado Grotto - by Richard Rhinehart
Caving in the Appalachians - by Ed LaRock
Recent Caving in New Mexico's Kutz Canyon - by Doug Medville
Dog Rescue: Saving a Dog at Sinking River - by Mary Klaus

Half a Century With Groaning Cave - by Donald G. Davis

Finding Groaning Cave - by Richard Rhinehart
Groaning Cave - An Inflection in Colorado Caving - by Norman R. Pace
Is that all There Is? Considering Dust Hole, the Hassles and Waterview Caves - by Richard Rhinehart
More Caving in Carbon County, Wyoming - by Doug Medville
North Dakota's Ice Caves - by Ed LaRock

Cover Image: Groaning Cave's Land of the Inverted Mushrooms is a unique chamber beyond the Conning Tower in Colorado's longest known cave. Reached only through several hours of caving, including either a rope drop or a squeeze through a tight passage, Mushrooms contains many calcite-pool-encrusted stalactites and draperies, indicative of a substantial pool in the chamber for a significan period of time. Today the room is dry and a treasured destination for cavers. Photograph copyright by Norman R. Pace.



Autumn 2013


NSS Southwestern Region Uses Freedom of Information Request for BLM Bat Information - by Steve Peerman
New WHite-Nose Action Plan for Colorado BLM Contrasts with New Mexico - by Richard Rhinehart
Two Western Slope Caving Trips - by Doug Medville
The Discovery of Spanish Cave - New Historical Relevations - by Donald G. Davis
Return to Western Clinetop Mesa - by Donald G. Davis
A Solo Hike on South Shale Ridge - by Doug Medville
Main Elk Creek Reconnaissance - by Richard Rhinehart
Tumbleweed Highways - Visiting Pueblo Reservoir's Sugarbush Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover Image: For many cavers who visit remote Kate & Debby's Cave on the east rim of Main Elk Creek Canyon, the large, descending passage reminds them o fthe entrance to Groaning Cave. Yet, Kate & Debby's has only seen a few trips since its discovery in the mid-1970s. The 500 feet or so contained in the known cave has yet to be fully surveyed. Photograph copyright by Ken Headrick.