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Explore past editions of Rocky Mountain Caving with this complete listing of issues by year. Many back issues can be ordered for $6.00 each.

Rocky Mountain Caving: 1984


RMC Winter 1984


Winter 1984


1983 Colorado Grotto Treasurer’s Report – by Richard Rhinehart

A Request for Survey Notes – by Dave Allured

Update on the 1984 NSS Convention – by Richard Rhinehart

Wyoming’s Clear Creek Natural Bridge Cave – by Doug Medville

Modifying Your Caving Hardhat – by Jim Pisarowicz

We Need to Take Better Care of Groaning Cave – by Alan Williams

Thoughts on a Groaning-Fixin’ Connection – by Larry Fish

Digging in Tellurium Park – by Vi Allured

Work Underway on SCMG Library – by Todd Warren

Short USAFA Grotto Notes – by David Svetz

Digging in Huccacove Cave – by David Svetz

Fear and Loathing in Huccacove Cave – by Gary Godwin

Details of the Huccacove Dig – by Steve Snyder

Cadet Caving School is Successful – by David Svetz

Exploration in Aardvark Cavern – by Tom Wynn

Donald Davis on Cave Conservation: An Interview – by Richard Rhinehart

Description of South Dakota’s Bitch-to-Find Cave – by Alan Williams

Return to Bitch-to-Find Cave – by Cyndi Seanor

Breakthrough in Fixin’-to-Die Cave – by Steve Dunn

Finally – Success in the Cave of the Winds Dig – by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: A view of the newly-discovered Silent Splendor in Colorado's Cave of the Winds. Photograph copyright Cyndi Mosch.

RMC Spring 1984


Spring 1984


Cave Survey to Meet – by Richard Rhinehart

Spanish Cave Survey Work Continues – by Jerry Hassemer

Caving in the Nuclear Age – by Ted Lappin

Discovery at Goose Creek Cave – by Dave Allured

New Developments With Cave of the Winds’ “Silent Splendor” – by Richard Rhinehart

Bolting the Blow Hole in Cave of the Winds – by Fred Luiszer

Huccacove Cave Resurvey Completed – by Dan Flannery and Howard Scotland

Surprise in Wyoming’s Jayhawk Pit – by Steve Dunn

Pushing the Frontiers of Colorado’s Tortuga Caverns – by Gene Dover

Facts About Your Cyalume Chemical Light Stick – by Bruce Costa

Williams Canyon’s Narrows Cave: A Back Door to Pedro’s Cave? – by Richard Rhinehart

Pedro’s Cave May be Gated by Cave Survey – by Richard Rhinehart

1982 Collapse in Marble Cave Measured – by Gene Dover

James Meacham Visits The Cave of the Winds – by Bruce Costa

Juveniles Apprehended After Trespass in Huccacove Cave – by Steve Snyder

Work Continues on Huccacove Cave Dig – by Dave Svetz

Return to Aardvark Cavern – by Dave Svetz

Norm Pace on Gonzo Caving: An Interview – by Richard Rhinehart with assistance by Donald G. Davis

Searching for the “Mother Lode” of Canada’s Dezaiko Range – by Norm Pace

“After Tales are Told” – by Vi Allured

Cover image: Former Colorado caver Hal Lloyd on his way to the sump in Mexico's Joya de Salas. Photograph copyright Norm Pace.

RMC Summer 1984


Summer 1984


Sandia Grotto Calls for Papers – by Richard Rhinehart

NSS, Colorado Grotto Founder Dies – by Richard Rhinehart

Western Rendezvous Planned – by Richard Rhinehart

Details of the 1984 Rocky Mountain Regional – by Vi Allured

Colorado Cave Survey Meeting Minutes – by Dave Allured

Caving Once Again is in the News – by Richard Rhinehart

Caving Word Search – by Barbara am Ende

Thanks for the Memories – by Richard Rhinehart

Guidelines for a Cave Emergency – by Doug Wilson

Doug Medville on Cave Mapping – by Doug Medville

Fossil Mountain Ice Cave Site of 1980 Accident – by Warren Anderson

Caving the Wild, Wild West – by Richard Rhinehart

Colorado Mines Grotto to Reorganize – by Richard Rhinehart

Chasing the Shadows of Spirit Mountain Cavern – by Richard Rhinehart

SCMG Program Note – by Bruce Costa

Protecting Your Cyalume – by Bruce Costa

Barney Foster: More Than a Hero – by Todd Warren

Visiting Colorado’s Finest – by Todd Warren

Basic Caver School Held at Huccacove Cave – by Richard Knapp

Air Force Cleans Up Williams Canyon – by Dave Svetz

More on the Canyon Cleanup – by Richard Knapp

A Clarification – by Ken Gotski

Salida Caving – by Lee Schrock

Further Explorations at Aardvark Cavern – by Dave Svetz

Recent Survey Progress in Fixin’-to-Die Cave – by Dave Allured

Looking for Leads in New Mexico’s Vanishing River Cave – by Ted Lappin

Reconnaissance – Bristlecone Cave Entrance – by Donald G. Davis

Initial Explorations in Bristlecone Cave – by Larry Fish

“The Interment of Sotano Joe” – by Robert W. Crevice

“Ye Fattale Cheyse” – by Lewis Carrol

Groaning Cave Guidelines – by the Colorado Cave Survey

Colorado Cave Survey Proposed Constitution

Cover image: Colorado caver Vi Allured at the top of the Handline Pit in Colorado's Fixin'-to-Die Cave. Photograph copyright Ted Lappin.

RMC Autumn 1984


Autumn 1984


Colorado Cave Survey Meeting Minutes – by Dave Allured

Blowhole Connected to Wind Cave – by Ed LaRock

Cave Symposium Planned – by Kirsten Stork

GarCo Caves in the News Again – by Richard Rhinehart

Wyoming Ice Caves Reported – by Richard Rhinehart

Grotto Handbook Published – by Richard Rhinehart

Carey, Cavers Meet, Discuss Digs – by Richard Rhinehart

A Rebuttal to “Medville on Surveying” – by Donald G. Davis

Mysteries of Spring Cave – by Dave Canning

Surveying in Fixin’-to-Die Cave – by Ed LaRock

A Visit to Blair Cave – by Vi Allured

A Rocky Mountain Regional to Remember – by Richard Rhinehart

Summer 1984: A Trio of Trips – by Richard Rhinehart

VP Back Issues Now Available – by Rich Wolfert

Digging for Glory at Narrows Cave – by Richard Rhinehart

And the Envelope Please … – by Richard Rhinehart

Parks & Rec Trips Successful – by Todd Warren

Accident at Fulford Cave – by Todd Warren

More on the Fulford Accident – by Bruce Costa

A Brief History of the Mountain Grotto – by Bruce Costa

Basic Caver School Held at Huccacove – by Rich Knapp

Huccacove Dig: Part 100 – by Rich Knapp

Summer Caving With the USAFA Grotto – by David Svetz

Limestone Addiction – by Larry Fish

A Guide to the Digs of the Cave of the Winds – by Richard Rhinehart

The Geology of Wayne’s Womb Cave, New Mexico – by Alan Williams

Caving in the “Boring Triangle:” New Mexico’s Wayne’s Womb Cave – by Rich Wolfert

Support Needed for the Federal Cave Resources Protection Act – by Dave Allured

Cover image: Boxwork in the Deep Confusion area of South Dakota's Wind Cave. Photograph copyright Eric Liebes.