Monday, February 19, 2018
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Rocky Mountain Caving - 2016




March 2016

Exploring the Caves of French Creek - by Richard Rhinehart
New Species of Daddy Long Legs Discovered in Cave of the Winds - by David B. Steinmann
Water Cave - by Bev Shade
The Claystone Caves of New Mexico - by Doug Medville
The Mystery of Huccacove's Name - by Richard Rhinehart
High Plains Photography - by Derek Bristol and Kevin Manley
Colorado Cave Rescue Network News - by Max Khaytsus
Darque & Durdee

Cover Image: Wes Devenys takes the Hurricane Challenge. Photograph copyright Derek Wolfe.




RMCJune2016 cover 

June 2016

The Forgotten Caves of Cheyenne Wells - by Donna Frazier
Online RMC - by Ed LaRock
Sweetwater Indian Cave 19th Century Folklore - by Richard Rhinehart
NSS Rocky Mountain Regional Update - by Richard Rhinehart
Tolantongo - by Donna Frazier
Spring Cave Gating - by Richard Rhinehart
Historic Bat Use of Spring Cave - by Richard Rhinehart
Darque and Durdee

Cover Image: A pool in Colorado's Premonition Cave. Photograph copyright Lori Shindel.


RMCSept2016 cover 

September 2016

Andy's Tunnel: A New Claystone Cave Near Grand Junction - by Richard Rhinehart
Remembering Ryan - by Emma Paul
There are no Caves in Taylor Park: A New Cave Discovery - by Anonymouse
Colorado's Spring Cave Gated - by Richard Rhinehart
Darque and Durdee - by MudDonna
White River National Forest Considers Gating Hubbard Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover Image: Patricia Malone and Emily Waterbury in Forgotten Forge Cave. Photograph copyright Randy Macan.






December 2016

2016 NSS Convention, Ely, Nevada, 75th Anniversary - by Kristen Levy
2016 NSS Convention, Ely, Nevada  - by Bill Tozer
Hubbard Cave Gating Project Remains Active - by Richard Rhinehart
Exploring the Small Caves of Sweetwater and Lake Creek Canyons - by Richard Rhinehart
Magnificent Morrison Cave - by Doug Medville
Caving in the Cody Shale - by Doug Medville
LaSunder Photo Montage - by Nick Diaz
Bat Studies in Hubbard Cave - by Richard Rhinehart
Darque and Durdee - by MudDonna

Cover Image: LaSunder Cave. Photograph copyright Jen Zedalis.