Monday, February 19, 2018
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Rocky Mountain Caving - 2012




Winter 2012


The Cave Anchor and Rope Project (CAARP) - by Derek Bristol
Re-rigging the Caves of Williams Canyon - by Derek Bristol
Revisiting Breezeway Below Rattlesnake Canyon - by Donald G. Davis
Tour Route Expansion at Glenwood Caverns - by Mark Rabin and Tonya LeMoine
The Science, Art and Psychology of Rocking - by Mike Frazier

In the Valley of the Frediment - by Richard Rhinehart

Notable Events in the History of Huccacove Cave - by Donald G. Davis

White Flowstone on My Mind - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover Image: The Deep Creek Arch in the Mississippian-age Leadville Limestone is a remnant of a former cave. Located on private land on the south side of Deep Creek Canyon, north of Dotsero, Colorado, the arch can be viewed from a pull-off on the Coffee Pot Road. The arch has been examined by cavers, and unfortunately, no cave has been found. Photograph copyright by Richard Rhinehart.



Spring 2012


Remembering James V. Wilson - by Greg Glazner

Year Three Begins for "Emergency" USFS Region 2 Cave Closure - by Richard Rhinehart

Regarding the USFS Region 2 Closure Order - by Peter Youngbaer

Caving on South Shale Ridge, Mesa County, Colorado - by Doug Medville

Stone River: The Breezeway Wedding of Mike and Donna Renee Frazier - by Mike and Donna Renee Frazier

The Discovery of Oz - by John Lyles and Derek Bristol

Relocating Coffee Pot Pit - by Richard Rhinehart

The Exploration of the Most Remote Place Unter the Earth - by Derek Bristol
Orange Skies: The 2012 Williams Canyon Firestorm - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover Image: Denver caver Donald G. Davis begins his climb into Coffee Pot Pit, a seldom-visited feature in the limestone karst southwest of Coffee Pot Springs on Colorado's White River Plateau. Though the pit was discovered more than 40 years ago, very few current cavers know where it is located. Only a handful of cavers have descended to its snow-and-ice-covered floor. Photograph copyright by Robert McFarland.




Summer 2012


The New Caving Permit System - by Richard Rhinehart

Glenwood Caverns' Hidden Cave Creatures - by Richard Rhinehart

Whispering Walls: My Ghost Story - by Richard Rhinehart

The Utah Rocky Mountain Regional: Providence Cave and Wyoming's Periodic Spring - by Donald G. Davis

Another Visit to the Periodic Spring - by Doug Medville

Return to Kutz Canyon - by Vi Schwiker

Into the Burned Zone - by Richard Rhinehart

Cave of the Fallen Sheep - by Doug Medville
2012 NSS Convention Gallery - by Rick Speaect

Cover Image: Bill Koerschner, Vi Schweiker and Bob Richards survey the steep section of Majestic Canyon Cave in Kutz Canyon, San Juan County, New Mexico. Doug and Hazel Medville have led a multi-year project to identify explore and survey the many claystone caves in this unique canyon in northwestern New Mexico. Photograph copyright by Ted Lappin.



Autumn 2012


Responses to the USFS Scoping Letter for Future Cave Access Policy - by Peter Youngbaer and Derek Bristol
The Colorado Cave Survey Files - by Derek Bristol
The Discovery of Huccacove Cave's Garden Room - by Charles Lindsey
Impressions of the Garden Room Breakthrough - by Donald G. Davis
Return to Oz - by Derek Bristol
Caving in Carbon County, Wyoming - by Ed LaRock
Fort Stanton Cave: October 2012 Continued Exploration - by Derek Bristol
Caving Reservations - by Michael Frazier
Opening New Cave: Glenwood Caverns' New Tour Route - by Ken Headricks and Tracy White

Cover Image: Charles LIndsey, left, shows Martha Thompson the climb in Huccacove Cave's new Garden Rooms section. The discovery adds significant length to the historic Williams Canyon cave, moving it to the second-longest known cave in the canyon. Photograph copyright by Norman R. Thompson.