Monday, February 19, 2018
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Rocky Mountain Caving - 2011


Rocky Mountain Caving Winter 2011


Winter 2011

Early Colorado Grotto Member John Streich Passes - by Richard Rhinehart

Big Caving Movies - by Richard Rhinehart

Rocky Mountain Regional Returns Labor Day Weekend - by Richard Rhinehart

Groaning Cave Impact and Access Summary for the Years 2000 through 2010 - compiled by Dave Lambert

Surveying the Caves of Lower Deep Creek Canyon - by Derek Bristol

Cliffhanger Caving: Williams Canyon's Loggerhohlen - by Mike Frazier

Grizzly's Leaning Tree Cavern - by Richard Rhinehart

The Plateau's Mystery History Pit - by Doug Medville

The Wind Cave Survey Project During 2007-2008 - by Rod Horrocks and Maike Norpoth

Cover Image: Derek Bristol checks a dome climb for continuing passage in the northern branch of BAD Cave in lower Deep Creek Canyon. Although US Forest Service caves in Colorado have been closed owing to fears of the spread of the White Nose Syndrome pathogen, Bureau of Land Management caves such as BAD remain open for visitation by cavers. Decontamination is required for all cave visits. Photograph copyright Dan Bryce.


Rocky Mountain Caving Spring 2011


Spring 2011


Spelunking in Nanaiana LaniCave, Captain Cook, Hawaii - by Fred Luiszer

A Reconnaissance of Upper Sand Creek - by Richard Rhinehart

Ensuring Future Access to Fort Stanton's Snowy River - By Roger Harris

Into the Belly of the Man - by Richard Rhinehart

The Wind Cave Survey Project in 2009-2010 - by Rod Horrocks, Maike Norporth and Mary Beth Wells

The Mines Across from Elephant Mountain - by Donald G. Davis

Two San Juan Mountain Caves - by Doug Medville

The 2011 Jewel Cave Restoration Project - by Dave Schmitz

Cover Image: Fort Stanton's Snowy River Passage, discovered in 2001, has yet to be fully explored. Bureau of Land Management concerns regarding the spread of the White Nose Syndrome pathogen by humans is restricting access to this long-known south central New Mexico cave. Photograph copyright Pete Lindsley.


Summer 2011 Rocky Mountain Caving Cover


Summer 2011


Former Colorado Caver Lyle Moss Dies in Plane Crash - by Richard Rhinehart

Eternal Dreams: The Story Behind "Cave of the Winds: Then & Now" - by Richard Rhinehart

"Then & Now" A Colorado Treasure - by Bob Cronk

The Rainbow Caves of Douglas County - by Richard Rhinehart

A Caver's Mecca in the Hills of South Dakota - by Roger Harris

Tibbetts Ridge Adventure: BLM Caving in Colorado - by Richard Rhinehart

The Survey of Wind Tunnel - by Doug Medville

Rocky Mountain High: Colorado's Glenwood Convention - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover Image: Colorado caver Tonya LeMoine squeezes into the tight entrance to Wind Tunnel, a short cave on Tibbetts Ridge northwest of Glenwood Springs on Bureau of Land Management land. Access to the region is restricted, as private ranch land must be crossed to reach the limestone outcropping. Photograph copyright Richard Rhinehart.




Autumn 2011


The Jewel Cave Adventure Continues - by Richard Rhinehart
Memories of the Conns - by Donald G. Davis
Horrid "Haunted" Hype - by Donald G. Davis
USFS Region 2 Caving Prohibition Enacted Despite Widespread Forest Opposition - by Richard Rhinehart
Discovery of Snottites in a Colorado Mine - by Doug Medville
A River of Bats - by Richard Rhinehart
Soil Piping Caves in South-Central Wyoming: Discoveries and Prospects - by Doug Medville
A Trip to Kutz Canyon - by Vi Schweiker
Piping Caves in Kutz Canyon, San Juan County, NM - by Doug Medville
Two New Pseudoscorpian Species Discovered from Glenwood Caverns and Squeak Cave - by David B. Steinmann
Colorado Awarded 2014 NCRC Training Seminar - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover Image: Louisville, Colorado caver Mark Rabin slowly inches his way through th tight and grabby Jam Crack in Colorado's Glenwood Caverns. For nearly 40 years, the vertical crevice was the only way from the cave's upper level to its lower level. Today, with a tunnel entrance into the Barn of the former Fairy Cave, trips through the Jam Crack are rare. Photograph copyright Norman R. Thompson.