Monday, February 19, 2018
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Rocky Mountain Caving – 2010



rmc winter 2010


Winter 2010


Caving News in the White River National Forest - by Carl Bern

Environmental Lobbying Group Calls for National Cave Closures - by Richard Rhinehart

There's Bones in Them Thar Caves - by Jerry Elliott

Colorado's Love Affair With Cave Bones - by Richard Rhinehart

Some Highlights of the Fall 2009 Fort Stanton Expedition - by Donald G. Davis

White as Snow: The Discovery of the Middle Cave at Cave of the Winds - by Richard Rhinehart

Buffalo Roost: An Early Visit to Huccacove Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

Most Colorado Caves Have Fleas - by David B. Steinmann

Cover image: The Cave of the Winds entrance building on the western rim of scenic Williams Canyon, north of Manitou Springs, Colorado. Photograph copyright Richard Rhinehart.


RMC Spring 2010


Spring 2010


The Center for Biological Diversity's White Nose Syndrome Lawsuit - by Richard Rhinehart

The Tragic 2003 Murder of Colorado Grotto Member LeAnn Emry - by Richard Rhinehart

Colorado Celebrates 135 Years of Public Tours - by Richard Rhinehart

Surveying Colorado's Premonition Cave - by Doug Kent

Three New Species of Cave Springtail Discovered in Colorado - by David B. Steinmann

Biological Bonanza: Larimer County's White Water Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

Fort Stanton Cave: The Second Attempt to Survey Hoeman's Passage - by Donald G. Davis

A Visit to Ain't Much But a Little More Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

The Colorado School of Mines C.J.'s Crystal Cavern Collection - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: Premonition Cave is Colorado's seventh longest known cave. Yet, its inaccessibility limits trips to only a few each year. Photograph copyright Richard Rhinehart.

RMC Summer 2010


Summer 2010


Jim Chester: 1944-2010 - by Donald G. Davis

About Jim Chester - by Mark Rabin

Eric Arthur Chaput - by Michael Tussing

White Nose Syndrome: Crafting a Policy for the American West - by Richard Rhinehart

How White Nose Syndrome Affects Caves, Cavers and Caving in Colorado and the American West - by Richard Rhinehart

Waiting for the Ghost: Halloween Eve Night in the Manitou Grand Caverns - by Donald G. Davis

Crystal Labyrinth: New Explorations in Wyoming's Shoshone Canyon Conduit Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: The Shoshone Canyon Conduit Cave in the Shoshone River Canyon west of Cody, Wyoming is a cave that is mostly forgotten. Discovered by Bureau of Reclamation miners in 1937 while excavating a tunnel for an irrigation canal, the cave was apparently explored by workers and local residents for many years. Gating of the tunnel entrance in the late 1980s closed access to this unusual cave, which is incompletely explored owing to hazardous carbon dioxide gas. Access to the cave is very limited and is by permission only. Photograph copyright Richard Rhinehart.

RMC Autumn 2010


Autumn 2010


New Mexico's Bisti Bat Cave - by Doug Medville

Mapping the Small Caves of the White River Plateau's Fixin' Buttress - by Derek Bristol

Wonderful Places: The 19th Century Rivalry of Glenwood's Cave of the Clouds and Fairy Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

A "New" Williams Canyon Cave - by Mike Frazier

A Visit to Ladderhohlen - by Donald G. Davis

Cover image: Cave of the Clouds in western Glenwood Canyon was once one of Colorado's most beautiful caves. Opened to public tours as Alexander's Cavern, the cave gained national exposure by the early 1890s, when new ownership changed its name to "Stalactite Cave of the Clouds." Within only a few years, a new commercial cave called Fairy Cave less than a mile away brought financial ruin and closure to the well-established attraction, leaving it vulnerable to uncontrolled access. Today, the still privately-owned cave is badly vandalized and neglected, uncertain as to its future and looking to its past as one of the state's elite underground attractions. Photograph copyright Tracy White.