Monday, February 19, 2018
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RMC Winter 2009


Winter 2009


What Have You Heard About the Cave Information System? – by Carl Bern

Audible Earthquakes in Wind Cave – by Rodney D. Horrocks

Kane and Wahine Cave, Hawaii – by Doug Medville

Investigating Canyon Cavern – by Donald G. Davis and David Steinmann

ADD: Another Dead Dear Cave – by David Lambert

The Eagle Gypsum Caves – by Doug Medville

Dunn’s Lime Creek Leads – by Richard Rhinehart

A Visit to Quartzite Ridge – by Ed LaRock

Return to Crazy Bastard and Hooper’s Caves – by Mike Frazier


Cover image: Eagle County's Another Dead Dear Cave is one of the few gypsum caves in Colorado with an active stream. Photograph copyright Hazel Medville.

  RMC Spring 2009

Spring 2009


White Nose Syndrome Fear Closes Orient Mine – by Richard Rhinehart

Wind Cave: Inside a Coral Reef – by Roger L. Harris

The Chalk Monoliths at Castle Rock, Kansas – by Doug Medville

Beyond Mount Airy: New Exploration in Fort Stanton Cave – by Donald G. Davis

The Road to Enchanted Canyon – by Charles Lindsey

Caverns of the Moon: A Visit to Wyoming’s Shoshone Canyon Conduit Cave – by Richard Rhinehart


Cover image: Colorado caver Tracy White views a large display of cave bacon in Enchanted Canyon, a new passage in Colorado's Huccacove Cave. Photograph copyright Ken Headrick.


 RMC Summer 2009

Summer 2009


Goodbye Gene: The Loss of Pueblo Caver Gene Dover – by Richard Rhinehart

Remembering Ryan Gosciejew – by Mike Frazier

Tasmanian Cave Biologist Visits Glenwood Caverns – by David B. Steinmann

Fort Stanton Cave Notes: The Summer 2009 Expedition – by Donald G. Davis

Indian Cave and Bair Cave: The Grizzly Creek Karst – by Richard Rhinehart

South Shale Ridge’s Angle Iron Cave – by Doug Medville

Caves of the Chalk Cliffs – by Daniel Bryce

The Survey of CJ’s Crystal Cavern – by Derek Wolfe

Fredimental Journey: Bushwhacking to the “Frediment Leads” – by Donald G. Davis

Caves Along the Glenwood Canyon Railroad Tracks – by Doug Medville

Cover image: Powerline Cave north of Aspen, Colorado is a popular summer destination of cavers. Photograph copyright Rick Speaect.


RMC Autumn 2009


Autumn 2009


Colorado Cave Rescue Seminar Scheduled for April 2010 – by LP Lawrence

Thanksgiving Tragedy at Utah’s Nutty Putty Cave – by Richard Rhinehart

Preventing Another Nutty Putty Tragedy – by Richard Rhinehart

The Caves of Loutsenhizer Arroyo – by Doug Medville

Central Colorado’s Lost Vapor Caves – by Richard Rhinehart

Surveying Tom Dawson’s Caves – by Doug Medville

Boulder County’s Only Limestone Cave – by Richard Rhinehart

In the Cave of the Frogs – by David Steinmann

Two Caves for the Record – by Doug Medville

Cover image: Colorado caver David Steinmann emerges from the low entrance to Copper Springs Cave, Boulder County's only limestone cave. Photograph copyright Richard Rhinehart.