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Rocky Mountain Caving – 2008


RMC Winter 2008


Winter 2008


Bear-ly Escaped! A True Life Close Encounter Story – by Donna Renee

Clear Creek Canyon Project Underway – by Andrea Croskrey

Digging in New Mexico’s Big Manhole – by Mike Frazier

Colorado Cave Rescue Network Seminar Planned – by Jim Wilson

The Lost Lake of Cave of the Winds – by Richard Rhinehart

Looking For (But not Finding) Caves on Endlich Mesa – by Doug Medville

Grand Kentucky Crawlathon – by Roger Harris

The Mysterious Sink Near Livermore – by Donald G. Davis

Follow the Water: Seeking a Hydrological Connection Between Honeycomb and Fulford Caves – by Richard Rhinehart

Skarst and Pseudo-Karst of Colorado’s Boulder County – by Mark Rabin

Sulfur Galleries: The Caves of Wyoming’s Shoshone Canyon – by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: Colorado caver Donald G. Davis prepares to climb down from one of the many entrances to Honeycomb Cave, near the town of Fulford, Colorado. Photograph copyright Richard Rhinehart.


RMC Spring 2008


Spring 2008


Planning for the Future – by Carl Bern

Manitou Cave: My First Caving Experience – by Zack Braunstein

The April 2008 Cave Rescue Seminar – by Marty Morey

Invertebrate Fossils Found in the Madison Limestone of Wind Cave – by Rodney D. Horrocks

Akemabis Journey – by Mike Frazier

Exploring Clear Creek Canyon – by Dan Castellari

Sweetwater’s Indian Cave – by Richard Rhinehart

Some Historic Cave Graffiti – by Donald G. Davis

Weeping Maiden’s Cave – by the Leadville Daily & Evening Chronicle, 1889

Return to Snowy River – by Donald G. Davis

Fort Stanton Cave: Snowy River North Expedition – by John T.M. Lyles

Hooper’s Cave Rediscovered? – by Mike Frazier

Rope-A-Thon Benefits Ouray Caver Evan Anderson – by Richard Rhinehart

A Visit to Clay Cave, California – by Donald G. Davis

Cover image: Fort Stanton Cave's Underground Railroad Passage is a part of the Snowy River section. The southern New Mexico cave has received much attention in recent years. Photograph copyright Jim Cox.


RMC Summer 2008


Summer 2008


Colorado Cavers Attend South Dakota Paleokarst Conference – by R. Mark Maslyn

The Cave Compass – by T. Evan Anderson

The Tunnels Upriver from Radium – by Donald G. Davis

Composition and Inferred Age of Historic Signatures at Sweetwater Indian Cave – by Dr. Fred Luiszer

The Highland Road Cave – by Doug Medville

Return to Shangri-La: Exploring Dead Horse Creek Canyon Beyond Hanging Lake – by Richard Rhinehart

The Hanging Lake: A Cave Hunter’s Enigma – by Donald G. Davis, 1960-61

Out of Many, Why These Two? Pictographs and Rituals in Two Colorado Caves – by Karla Whittenburg

Fort Stanton Cave: Snowy River South – Still No End – by Donald G. Davis

Bruce Unger’s Secret Caves – by R. Mark Maslyn

A Hike on South Shale Ridge – by Doug Medville

Boxwork Labyrinth – by Roger Harris

Cover image: Colorado caver Vi Schweiker emerges from a small tufa cave in Dead Horse Canyon, Colorado. Photograph copyright Richard Rhinehart.


RMC Autumn 2008


Autumn 2008


Advocating for Cave Conservation and Cave Access in the White River National Forest – by Carl Bern

Portal Stabilization and Bat-Gates at the Elephant Mountain Mines – by Phil Nyland

Thoughts of a Six Year Old Caver – by David B. Steinmann

Fulford Cave Rescue Training – by Max Khaytsus

Understanding Fort Stanton’s Snowy River – by Donald G. Davis

Thunder Falls: The Survey of the Caves at Rifle Falls State Park – by Richard Rhinehart

Rifle’s Ice Cave – by Richard Rhinehart

Return To Llama’s Pit – by Dan Bryce

The Grottos of Greenland Ranch – by Donald G. Davis

2008 SpeleoSeminar Abstracts

Cover image: Rifle Falls State Park north of Rifle, Colorado has several caves in travertine up to 300 feet in length. Photograph copyright Richard Rhinehart.