Monday, February 19, 2018
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Rocky Mountain Caving – 2007


RMC Winter 2007

Winter 2007


Spa in the Rockies: Colorado’s 2011 Convention Bid – by Marty Morey and Dave Lester

2011 Convention Possibilities – by Richard Rhinehart

The Competition: Sandia Grotto’s 2011 New Mexico Convention Bid – by Richard Rhinehart

What’s Up With the 2007 Rocky Mountain Regional? – by Richard Rhinehart

2006 Lechuguilla Science Summary – by Paul Burger

The Digs and Exploration of Moby’s Cave – by Mike Frazier

Colorado’s LaSunder Cave: Lost on a Sunday Down Under – by Doug Kent

Glacier Caving: Visiting Washington’s Johannesburg Mountain Ice Cave – by Doug Medville

It’s No Way All Over Again – by Richard Rhinehart

Anvil Points Cave: Surveying Colorado’s Longest Claystone Cave – by Derek Wolfe

Mexican Adventure – by Barbara Smith

Elephant Mountain Redux – by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: Rappelling into Mexico's Sotano de las Golandrinas is one of the most thrilling caving views on the planet. Photograph copyright Evan Blackstock.


RMC Spring 2007


Spring 2007


Fault Cave Earth Day Clean-Up Bags Plenty of Trash – by David Lambert

Water Returns to Fort Stanton Cave – by Donald G. Davis

Wyoming’s Wild Caving Frontier: Shirley Mountains Majesty – by Richard Rhinehart

Utah’s Westwater Cave: A Pud Little Cave – by Doug Medville

Virtual Tour Panorama Photography – by Rick Speaect

Hollow Mountain: Colorado’s Popular Fulford Cave 1874-1923 – by Richard Rhinehart

The Dirt on Uravan’s Eagle Basin Caves – by Doug Medville

Cover image: Colorado caver Stacy Allison looks into the seldom-used Upper Entrance to Fulford Cave near Eagle, Colorado. Photograph copyright Seve Reames.




RMC Summer 2007


Summer 2007


It’s Glenwood in 2011! – by Richard Rhinehart

The Evolution of the Colorado Cave Survey – by Carl Bern

Ghost Hunters: Investigating the Ghosts of Manitou’s Grand Caverns – by Richard Rhinehart

The Wind Cave Survey Project for the Year 2006 – by Rod Horrocks

Following Alvin: Exploring in Historic Wind Cave – by Roger Harris

Tubing Hawaii – by Mike Frazier

Bolt Climbing in Utah’s Main Drain Cave – by Carl Bern

Yellow Streak: Two New Armstrong Canyon Caves – by Doug Medville

New Genus of Cave Collembola Discovered on the White River Plateau – by David B. Steinmann

The Balls in Dilation Cave: A Scientific Curiosity – by Donald G. Davis

Return to the Tick: Reconsidering Deep Creek Canyon’s Twenty-Pound Tick Cave – by Richard Rhinehart

Visiting Williams Canyon’s Salamander Cave – by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: Delicate frostwork in South Dakota's Wind Cave. Photograph copyright Ken Geu.


RMC Autumn 2007


Autumn 2007


Preserving Place – by Lane Edwards

Call for Lime Creek Photos – by Paul Burger

A Weekend at Fort Stanton Cave – by Roger Harris

The Discovery and Exploration of Llamaspit Cave – by Dan Bryce

To Wilson Cave After 50 Years – by Donald G. Davis

Black Timber: A Surprising Discovery – by Roger Cain

Investigating the Caves of Jones Hole Canyon – by Richard Rhinehart

Speleogenesis of the Jones Hole Caves – by Donald G. Davis

Caving in the Gunnison Gorge – by Doug Medville

Colorado’s Claystone Caves: A Summary – by Doug Medville

Sulphur Cave: Steamboat’s Hidden Treasure – by Richard Rhinehart

The Mineralogy of Sulphur Cave – by Harvey DuChene

Cover image: Sulphur Cave at Steamboat Springs, Colorado is one of the few caves known in the world to contain snottites. The cave is filled with dangerous carbon dioxide, making exploration difficult and dangerous. Special permission from the City of Steamboat Springs is needed prior to visiting the cave. Photograph copyright Norman R. Thompson.