Monday, February 19, 2018
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Rocky Mountain Caving – 2006


RMC Winter 2006


Winter 2006


Wind Cave is Fourth Longest in the World – by Rod Horrocks

Caving at Wind Cave National Park: 2005 – by Rod Horrocks

Raven Cave: Claystone Caving – by Matt Crass

Some Western Slope Dirt Caves – by Doug Medville

Collapse Obstructs Anvil Points Cave – by Donald G. Davis

A Wonderful Cave Discovered on White River Near Meeker – by The Denver Times, 1891

Mystery of a Cave: Exploring the Great Earth Chamber Near Meeker – by The Denver Times, 1891

The Shaw Farm: Recollections of Spring Cave – by Eugene E. Shaw, Lt. Col. US Army Ret.

New Information About Spring Cave – by Donald G. Davis, 1962

Water Runs From Entrance of Spring Cave! – by Donald G. Davis, 1978

Summer’s End is for All Seasons – by Mike Zawada

Cover image: A group of Northwestern Community College students stand at the large entrance to Colorado's Spring Cave, southeast of Meeker. Photograph copyright Derek Morgensen.


RMC Spring 2006


Spring 2006


Colorado Springs Hosts 2006 Cave Rescue Seminar – by Marty Morey

An Open Letter to – by Larry Fish

Mike Frazier’s European Christmas Vacation – by Mike Frazier

Seeking Snowy River: Digging in Fort Stanton Cave – by Richard Rhinehart

At Last! The San Juan’s Salamander Cave is Surveyed – by Doug Medville

Colorado’s Longest Caves – by Richard Rhinehart

Caves as Potential Water Storage Sites in Colorado – by Harvey R. DuChene

Lost For 95 Years: Rediscovering the Lost Royal Gorge Cave – by Donald G. Davis

A Royal Gorge Sequel? – by Donald G. Davis

Colorado Surprise Host of 2006 Rocky Mountain Regional – by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: The entrance to Great Gorge Grotto in Colorado's Royal Gorge west of Canon City is sizable but difficult to reach. Photograph copyright Richard Rhinehart.


RMC Summer 2006


Summer 2006


Colorado Plans to Do It Again! – by Dave Lester and Marty Morey

Groaning Cave Waiver List Updated – by Ed LaRock

Salamanders in a Colorado Cave! – by David Steinmann

Caving Around the San Juans’ Vallecito Reservoir – by Doug Medville

Spaghetti On My Mind – by Derek Wolfe

Spanish Cave: The 2006 Expedition – by Donald G. Davis

Return to Spanish Cave – by Marty Morey

The Ogle Cave Resurvey Project – by Ed LaRock

Caving Below Cactus Park – by Doug Medville

Time Out of Mind: The Rediscovery of Shaw Farm Pit – by Richard Rhinehart

Thunder Water: Spring Cave in Flood – by Richard Rhinehart

Mystery Cavers Found in Groaning Cave! – by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: Colorado caver Matt Crass stands in the lower entrance to Grooved Ceiling Cave, a claystone cave south of Grand Junction, Colorado. Photograph copyright Doug Medville.


RMC Autumn 2006


Autumn 2006


Surveying Claystone Blowing Cave – by Doug Medville

The Winds of Snowy River: A Personal Recap of the October 2006 Expedition – by Richard Rhinehart

Long Time Coming: LaSunder Reopens to Visitation – by Carl Bern

The Helicopter and the Bee; Cerro Rabon 2006 – by Mike Frazier

Caves of Ice Cave Ridge – by Doug Medville

Chasing the Water With Scallops in the Cave of the Winds – by R. Mark Maslyn

“Mega Scallops” in Cave of the Winds: Science Fact or Science Fiction? – by Donald G. Davis

The Limestones of Vail: A Preliminary Report – by Richard Rhinehart with Doug Medville

Cover image: Access to Colorado's LaSunder Cave is regulated by the Bureau of Land Management. The Colorado Cave Survey schedules up to ten trips annually. Photograph copyright Ken Headrick.