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Rocky Mountain Caving - 2005


RMC Winter 2005


Winter 2005


You Would Not Believe! Remembering the Life and Times of Walt Rubeck - by Richard Rhinehart

In Memory Of Walt Rubeck - by James Neely

Breakthrough Into Top Secret: Huccacove Cave's Latest Discovery - by Jason Anderson

"Top Secret" - speleopoetry by Jon Barker

Colorado's Gated Caves and Caverns - by Richard Rhinehart

Caving at Wind Cave National Park During 2003 - by Rod Horrocks

Caving at Wind Cave National Park During 2004 - by Rod Horrocks

Big Entrance: The Marshall Park Campground Cave - by Doug Medville

Table Mountain: Southern Wyoming's Limestone Tableland - by Richard Rhinehart

Journeys Into Fairy Cave: The Survey of Glenwood Caverns - by Hazel Barton

Cover image: Colorado caver Donald G. Davis stands on the limestone cliff at the southeastern corner of Table Mountain. Located northwest of Cheyenne, Wyoming, the mountain is a part of a city mountain park. Photograph copyright Richard Rhinehart.


RMC Spring 2005


Spring 2005


Colorado Cavers Mourn Greg Miller's Passing - by Richard Rhinehart

Wind Cave Becomes the Fifth Longest Cave in the World - by Rod Horrocks

Digging Donahue's: Williams Canyon's Latest Project - by Larry Rossi

Recent Discoveries in Fairy Cave - by Lee E. Fielder

Without a Trace: Elephant Mountain's Secrets Revealed - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: Glenwood Caverns at Glenwood Springs, Colorado has many beautiful chambers. One of these is the Black Grotto, not on the current commercial route. Photograph copyright Ernie Echols.





RMC Summer 2005


Summer 2005


Pat Jablonsky Retires as Carlsbad Cavern Lint Camp Coordinator – by Pat Jablonsky

Fixin’-to-Die Cave Survey Update – by Ed LaRock

Caving at the 2005 Rocky Mountain Regional – by Bob Stucklen

CavesR4All and Cave Locations on the Internet – by Dan Castellari and Steve Hawkins

Posting Cave Locations on the Web and the Future of the NSS – by Fred Luiszer

CavesR4All Comments – by Donald G. Davis

Digging in Glenwood Caverns – by Steven Kumpf

Sweat Chambers: Glenwood Springs’ Thermal Vapor Caves – by Donald G. Davis

Some Matchless Caves – by Doug Medville

A Crack, A Collapse and Three Caves – by Fred Luiszer

Cover image: The Yampah Hot Springs & Vapor Caves is the only commercial natural vapor cave in Colorado. Located in Glenwood Springs, the current vapor cave is across the Colorado River from the original vapor cave, originally used by the Ute Indians. Photograph copyright Richard Rhinehart.


RMC Autumn 2005


Autumn 2005


Mr. Dunn, I Presume – by Richard Rhinehart

An Excerpt From the Journal of the 1987 Mold Spore Mountaineering Association Pacific Crest Expedition – by Steve Dunn

Gothic Cave and the Three Rooks’ Nests – by Donald G. Davis

The Survey of Water Cave – by Carl Bern with Doug Medville

Wide Open Skies: Return to Quartzite Ridge – by Richard Rhinehart

Getting Home from Spanish Cave: An Account of My Rescue – by Marty Morey

Get a CORSAR Card – by Marty Morey

Rescue Seminar Planned for April – by Richard Rhinehart

Marble Mountain 2005 – by Jim Wilson

Nature’s Natural Sauna: Completing the Survey at the Yampa Spa Vapor Cave – by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: Colorado caver Jim Wilson stands in front of Marble Mountain, home to Spanish Cave . Photograph copyright Steve Reames.