Monday, February 19, 2018
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Rocky Mountain Caving - 2004


RMC Winter 2004


Winter 2004


Colorado Caves Protected by New State Law - by Richard Rhinehart

The Rob Gillespie Rescue - by Tim Ray

Durango Caver Rescued After 18-Hour Underground Ordeal - by Richard Rhinehart

Priority Seven: Fort Stanton's New Frontier - by Donald G. Davis

A Brief History of the Exploration of Fort Stanton Cave - by Donald G. Davis

Fort Stanton's Priority Seven Dig: Discovery! - by John McLean

Northbound in Snowy River - by John Ganter

Exploration to Crystal Creek and Metro - by John T.M. Lyles

An Early Visit to Wyoming's Table Mountain Cave - by Donald G. Davis

Cover image: Lincoln's Bathtub in New Mexico's Fort Stanton Cave is near the cave's known northern limit. Photograph copyright John Ganter.



RMC Spring 2004


Spring 2004


New Cave Project Underway - by Lee Skinner

The Burro and the Pickle: A Taste of Mexico 2004 - by Mike Frazier

The Caves of Armstrong Canyon - by Doug Medville

In the Cave of the Dead - speleofiction by Jack London

Cover image: Colorado caver Doug Medville stands in the entrance to Gooseberry Cave in Armstrong Canyon, Colorado. Photograph copyright Hazel Medville.





RMC Summer 2004


Summer 2004


Remembering Bill Hawn - by Robert Phillips and Steven Smith

Oh, the Caves You'll See! Around the Black HIlls in a Single Day - by Richard Rhinehart

Tales From the Gutter: Wanderings in Colorado's Gypsum Karst - by Richard Rhinehart

Dirty Pool Cave: Documenting Colorado's Gypsum Karst - by Doug Medville

Reconnaissance of the Depression North of Cottonwood Pass - by Donald G. Davis

Reconnaissance of the Sinkhole East of the Cottonwood Pass Road - by Donald G. Davis

Reconnaissance of the Mary Jane Gypsum Sinks - by Donald G. Davis

A Hike to CT Cave: Another High Altitude San Juan Cave - by Doug Medville

Cover image: Colorado caver Mike Frazier squeezes through the low, wet entrance to El Jebelly Cave, a gypsum resurgence in Eagle County, Colorado. Photograph copyright Doug Medville.



RMC Autumn 2004


Autumn 2004


A Narrow Escape - by Mike Frazier

Rescuing Franz Hankins from Narrows Cave - by Steven Kumpf

Accident Brings Changes in Williams Canyon Procedures - by Richard Rhinehart

Carlsbad Cavern Lint Camp - by Greg Glazner

Palygorskite Identified in South Dakota's Wind Cave - by Carl Bern

Paradise Pit: An Unusual Colorado Cave - by Doug Medville

Surveying the San Juan Mountains' Sand Creek Cave - by Doug Medville

The Willow Creek Natural Bridge - by Mike Frazier

Hey, Bulldog! Visiting the Surprising Saint Francis Pit - by Richard Rhinehart

A Drive Up Gypsum Creek - by Doug Medville

Cover image: Colorado caver Donald G. Davis stands in the entrance of the Willow Creek Natural Bridge near Dotsero, Colorado. Photograph copyright Mike Frazier.