Monday, February 19, 2018
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Rocky Mountain Caving - 2003


RMC Winter 2003


Winter 2003


Glenwood Caverns Future Promising but Uncertain - by Richard Rhinehart

Fairy Cave Project Changes - by Richard Rhinehart

New Glenwood Caverns Survey Map Released - by Richard Rhinehart

Adventure Park Features Many Cave Activities - by Richard Rhinehart

Williams Canyon Project Sets Guidelines for Project's Future - by Richard Rhinehart

Geocaching in the Dark - by Dan Castellari

The Colorado Dozen: The Columbine State's Longest Caves - by Richard Rhinehart

Chief Manitou: The Man Behind Pedro's Cave - by Bob Cronk

The Caves of Cheyenne Wells - by Betty Lous Mahlberg

Google Wars - by Richard Rhinehart

Silvertip: July 2002 - by Dr. Jay Kennedy

Cover image: Delicate calcite and aragonite in Heavenly Hall, a chamber in Colorado's Manitou Grand Caverns. Photograph copyright Zelda Champman Bailey.


RMC Spring 2003


Spring 2003


Reconnaissance of Mapped "Karst" in Southeastern Colorado - by Donald G. Davis

Much Ado About Little: The Exploration of Wind Cave's Rio Colorado - by Carl Bern

Looking for Life in Glenwood Caverns - by David B. Steinmann

Mexico Caving Adventure - by Michael Frazier

Camp Trip: President's Day Weekend in Jewel Cave - by Carl Bern

Katherine - Speleofiction by Richard Rhinehart

Narrows: January 2 - Poetry by "Radar"

Cover image: Mike Miskol stretches survey tape into the Tarantula Passage of Mexico's Sistema Tres Amigos. Photograph copyright Pat Malone.




RMC Summer 2003


Summer 2003


Hubbard's Cave Site of Bizzare "Rescue" - by Richard Rhinehart

New Internet Website May be in Violation of Federal Cave Law - by Richard Rhinehart

In Memory of Jim Clark - by Bruce Albright

Chasing the Wind: The Exploration of Wind Cave's Hobson's Bypass Area - by Rod Horrocks

Some Hikes in Eagle County - by Doug Medville

"What's Said Underground Stays Underground" - Poetry by "Radar"

Return to Fire Mountain - by Richard Rhinehart

Yellowstone's Devil's Kitchen - by Dr. William R. Halliday

New Mexico's Ten Longest Caves

"Dark Exploration" - Poetry by "Radar"

Cover image: Colorado caver Skip Withrow peers from the tight vertical entrance to Utah's Polygamy's End Cave. Photograph copyright Carl Bern.


RMC Autumn 2003


Autumn 2003


Caving at Wind Cave National Park in 2002 - by Rod Horrocks

Beneath Yellowstone: The Mammoth Hot Springs Area - by Jim Pisarowicz

Spelunking in Cave Creek Caverns - Photo Essay by Jeffrey A. Donenfeld

Swirling Mists: A New Williams Canyon Cave - by Gerry Estes

Trapped: A Narrow Escape in Swirling Mists - by Tomas Dawson

"No Schist" - Poetry by Jon Barker

South Dakota's Ten Longest Caves

Cover image: Colorado caver Dave Lester begins his descent into an unnamed cave near Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park. Photograph copyright Jim Pisarowicz.