Monday, February 19, 2018
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Rocky Mountain Caving - 2002


RMC Winter 2002


Winter 2002


Groaning Cave Impact and Access Summary - by Larry Fish

Why the Groaning Cave Register is Not a "Saturday Night Live" Script - by Larry Fish

Gunnison County's Warm Spring Cave - by Doug Medville and Fred Luiszer

Old Dreams Die Hard: The Big Dig Finds a Forgotten Relic - by Richard Rhinehart

A Secret No More: Resolving the Hackleman's Cave Mystery - by Richard Rhinehart

Collecting Old Colorado Cave Postcards as History Sources - by Dr. William R. Halliday

Spaulding's Cavern: Colorado's Most Historic Cave Attraction - by Richard Gehling

Historic Ketner's Cave - by Richard Gehling

Visiting Spaulding's Cavern Today - by Richard Rhinehart

Armed and Dangerous: Breezeway Cave Now Protected by an Alarm - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: Looking out from within the low, wet entrance of Colorado's Warm Spring Cave near Crested Butte. Photograph copyright Doug Medville.



RMC Spring 2002


Spring 2002


Memories of Spaulding Cave - by Larry Fish

Dino-Sore Adventure - by Michael Frazier

Caving to the Bagpipes: A Trip to Oklahoma's Robbers Cave - by Fred Luiszer

The 1916 Huccacove Cave Suicide: The Sad Story of Leslie J. Spencer - by Donald G. Davis

F.W. Cragin's Cave of the Winds Poem: An Overlooked Historic Item - by Donald G. Davis

Hiking the Cliffs of Armstrong Canyon - by Doug Medville

Taylor Park Expedition: 2001 - by Michael Frazier

Caving in Upper Ute Gulch - by Doug Medville

"Lewis & Clark" - by J.A. Neely

Rocky Mountain Regional Returns to Spanish Point - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: Southeastern Oklahoma's Robber's Cave is a state park where visitors are welcome to explore severfal small but interesting caves. Photograph copyright Fred Luiszer.



RMC Summer 2002


Summer 2002


Chief Manitou's Descendents Visit Historic Manitou Cave - by Bob Cronk

What I Did on My Convention Trip - by Donald G. Davis

Pinhole Country - by Lyndon J. Lampert

Southern Colorado's Volcanic Caves - by Doug Medville

How Sweet it Is! A Visit to Sweetwater Indian Cave - by James V. Wilson

A Cavern System Under Colorado's Uncompahgre River? - by Donald G. Davis

Taylor Park's Giant Grotto - by Doug Medville

Cover image: Colorado caver Doug Medville enjoys the view from the entrance to Milepost 32 Cave in Colorado's San Luis Valley. This small cave may be one of Colorado's few volcanic lava tubes. Photograph copyright Hazel Medville.




RMC Autumn 2002


Autumn 2002


The 2002 Marble Mountain Experience - by James V. Wilson

Six Caves and a Fumerole - by Richard Rhinehart

South Dakota's Wind Cave: Will it Never End? - by James V. Wilson

The Origin of Haystack Cave? - by Doug Medville

Fire on the Mountain: A Visit to the Fire Zone - by Richard Rhinehart

"To See if It Goes" - Poetry by "Radar"

Cover image: Ryan Butler finds reading instruments to be an interesting experience in Moreland's Mole Hole, a passage in Wind Cave's Kneebone area. Photograph copyright James V. Wilson.