Monday, February 19, 2018
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Rocky Mountain Caving - 2001


RMC Winter 2001


Winter 2001


Breezeway Cave Closed by Williams Canyon Project - by Richard Rhinehart

"Amazing Caves" Debuts Nationwide This Spring - by Hazel Barton

Caving at Wind Cave National Park in 2000 - by Rod Horrocks

Breakthrough! With The Overlook Discovery, Groaning Cave Reaches Ten Miles - by Stuart W. Marlatt

Where the West Wind Blows: Extending Groaning's NAC Survey - by Stuart W. Marlatt

West Side Story: A Brief History of Western Groaning Surveys - by Stuart W. Marlatt

Cover image: Spasm Chasm in Colorado's Groaning Cave is a new passage discovered beyond the fabled Conning Tower. This photograph features Christa Schneider. Photograph copyright Carl Bern.




RMC Spring 2001


Spring 2001


LED's: The New Light Source - by Skip Withrow

Armstrong Canyon Cave Hunting - by Doug Medville

Colorado's 4 by 2 Caves - by Doug Medville

Return to the San Juan Mountain's Insurgence # 2 - by Doug Medville

Mapping Colorado's North Fork Granite Caves - by Donald G. Davis

50 Golden Years of Colorado Grotto Caving - by Dr. William R. Halliday

Knox Not So Nasty Pit - by James V. Wilson

Another Claystone Cave - by Don Mease

Early Adventures in Williams Canyon - by James Meacham

Cover image: Colorado's Wilson Cave north of Canon City was one of the first caves visited in the state by the new Colorado Grotto in 1951-52. This entrance view shows several members of the grotto preparing to visit the cave in that era. Photograph copyright William R. Halliday.


RMC Summer 2001


Summer 2001


Seven New Bacteria Discovered in Glenwood Caverns - by Irene Rasmussen

The 100-Mile Milestone for Wind Cave - by Marc Ohms

Colorado Grotto 50th Anniversary This Autumn - by Greg Glazner

Tabasco Caving: The Cave of the Marbles and Other Delights - by Bob and Deb Stucklen

Spanish Cave is a Tough Nut to Crack - by James V. Wilson

Marble Mountain Graffiti Brought to Life - by Donald G. Davis

Some Curious Williams Canyon Puzzles - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: One of the most impressively large underground passages in Colorado is the passage between Sump 1 and Sump 2 in Spring Cave. Reached only by cave diving, the large passage has seldom been visited since its discovery in the mid 1970s. Photograph copyright Norman R. Pace.



RMC Autumn 2001


Autumn 2001


Fairy Caves Project Doing Well - by Tom Dotter

A September Visit to Spring Cave - by Donald G. Davis

The Egyptian Temple and Other Williams Canyon Curiosities - by Richard Rhinehart

100 Years Later at Holmes Cave - by Kris Green and Garry Petrie

A Return to the Lost World - by Doug Medville

Beyond Hubbard's Cave - by Donald G. Davis

Signature Chamber Revisited - by Doug Medville

Connection Fever! - by Richard Rhinehart

The Geyser Spring in Dolores County - by Donald G. Davis

The Colorado Grotto and Lechuguilla Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

The Forgotten Man - by Richard Rhinehart

Proposed Deep Creek Wilderness May Affect Cave Management - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: The spectacular view of the Wet Mountain Valley from the climb to Spanish Cave, Colorado. Photograph courtesy John Streich from the 1960 Colorado Grotto Collection.