Monday, February 19, 2018
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Rocky Mountain Caving - 2000


RMC Winter 2000


Winter 2000


RonTom Cave Tops Cave Survey Discussion - by Richard Rhinehart

The Bifocaled Caver - by Tom Dotter

The Pleasures of Surveying at Wind Cave National Park - by Carl Bern

Wind Cave 1999: Looking for the Century Mark - by Marc Ohms

Thanksgiving With the High Guads Restoration Project - by Carl Bern

Science at Lechuguilla: A 1999 Review - by Paul Burger

Carlsbad Cavern Resource Protection Plan to Hit the Streets - by Paul Burger

Ringtail Cat Fossil Found in Lechuguilla Cave - by Ed LaRock

Cave Creatures and Cave EcoSystems of Colorado - by David B. Steinmann

Marble Mountain Cave Elevations - by Skip Withrow

A Return to the Terrace: Exploring Wyoming's Teton Range - by Doug Medville

Growth of Speleothems on the White River Plateau - by Jerry Hassemer

Cover image: Idaho's Crystal Ice Cave has fantastic ice stalagmites and stalactites, even in the summer months. Photograph copyright Norman R. Thompson.


RMC Spring 2000


Spring 2000


Breezeway Cave Entrance Stabilized - by Dan Sullivan

Decade of Discovery - by Richard Rhinehart

Anvil Points Caves Revisited - by Donald G. Davis

Fixin'-to-Die Cave Nears 4th Milestone - by Ed LaRock

Cenote Carwash: Blood, Sweat and Fears in the Heart of the Mayan Jungle: by Hazel Barton

Madrat Cave Hunting in Taylor Park - by Dan Sullivan

A Walk in the Park - by Mike Frazier

The True Story of Colorado's TAG - by Mike Frazier

Walking Kaufman Ridge - by Ed LaRock

Cover image: Colorado caver Fred Luiszer at the entrance to Pearl Cave, on Colorado's Clinetop Mesa north of New Castle. Photograph copyright Fred Luiszer.



RMC Summer 2000


Summer 2000


Fairy Cave Project Completes Successful 1999-2000 Work Season - by Tom Dotter

Early Colorado Grotto Exploration of Fairy Cave - Compiled by John Streich

There's Something About Fairy - by Richard Rhinehart

In the Footsteps of Adventuresome Boys - by Richard Rhinehart

The Year 2000 Majestic Hall Breakthrough - by Donald G. Davis, Randy Macan and Peggy Sue Klein

Montana's Lick Creek Cave - by Jerry Rasmussen

Cavin' a la Missouri Style - by James V. Wilson

The Glenwood Springs Gypsum Caves - by Donald G. Davis

Preserving a Darkened Wilderness - by Richard Rhinehart

In Search of a Hunky Dory Cave - by Mike Frazier

Can't Climb? Don't Climb! - by Steve Lester

Cover image: Pristine stalactites in Kings Row, Colorado's Fairy Cave, commercially shown as Glenwood Caverns. Photograph copyright Norman R. Thompson.


RMC Autumn 2000


Autumn 2000


NPS and NSS Education Initiative - by Amy M. Johnson

Inventorying the Manitou Grand Caverns - by Jennifer Wolff

Obituary: Kim Cunningham - by Ed LaRock

The Cutting Edge of Graffiti Removal - by Michael L. Frazier

Colorado Cavers Help Wind Cave Grow - by Carl Bern

Return to Leaky Mountain - by Ed LaRock

Of Mummies and Manitou Grand Caverns - by Donald G. Davis

Fixin'-to-Die Cave Passes Four Miles - by Ed LaRock

Marble Mountain 2000 - by James V. Wilson

Two Small Climbs in Spanish - by Carl Bern

The Caves of Tincup - by Doug Medville

Giant Grotto and Other Secrets of Ute Gulch - by Doug Medville

Experiences at the West Virginia National Convention - by James V. Wilson

Cover image: A caver descending one of the several rope drops in Colorado's Fixin' to Die Cave, near Glenwood Springs. Photograph copyright Dennis Laird.