Monday, February 19, 2018
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Rocky Mountain Caving - 1999


RMC Winter 1999


Winter 1999


Storm of the Century Ravages Williams Canyon, Caves - by Richard Rhinehart

Williams Canyon: The Flood of 1999 - by Michael Frazier

Hawaii Island Lava Tubes - by Ed LaRock

Claystone Cave Survey Continued - by Donald G. Davis

"Deep Secrets": The Story of the First 50 Miles of Lechuguilla Cave - by Paul Burger

Personal Diaries: 1999 Sistema Cheve Expedition - by Mike Frazier

A Whirlwind Caving Trip to the Ozarks - by James V. Wilson

Return to the North Fork Granite Caves - by Donald G. Davis

Modern Exploration in Colorado's Fairy Cave - by Hazel Barton

Reconnaissance of Gypsum Solution Areas of Colorado - by Donald G. Davis

Cover image: The pristine beauty of Colorado's Glenwood Caverns keeps cave photographers busy. Photograph copyright Carolyn Cronk.



RMC Spring 1999


Spring 1999


Glenwood Caverns Has a Rich, Colorful History - by Richard Rhinehart

Caving With Dan - by Michael Frazier

A Summary of Groaning Cave Impact and Access - by Larry Fish

Green Grass: Little Discoveries Show There's Much More to be Found - by Richard Rhinehart

Cavin' in the Black Hills - by James V. Wilson

The Origin and Use of the Natural Gas at Manitou, Colorado - by William Strieby; Introduction by Fred Luiszer

Moments in Time: Filling Some Holes in the History of the Cave of the Winds - by Richard Rhinehart

A Return to Surprise Cave in the San Juan Mountains - by Doug Medville

Cover image: Colorado's Fulford Cave in winter contains remarkable ice stalactites, stalagmites, columns and ice flows. Photograph copyright David Harris.



RMC Summer 1999


Summer 1999


Baseline Survey of Williams Canyon Underway - by Tom Dotter

The 1999 Rocky Mountain Regional - by James V. Wilson

The Ute Magnetic Spring Changes - by Donald G. Davis

Spanish Cave 1999: Rocky Mountain High - by James V. Wilson

The Chester Papers: Unpublished Manuscripts of the Infamous Bad Cave Geologist - by Richard Rhinehart

Caves in the Chol Oral Tradition - by Jim Pisarowicz

Canadian Rocky Mountain Caving - Photo Essay by William Puscus

Colorado's Ten Longest Caves - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: The "Seal" stalagmite in Fairy Cave's Paradise is one of the Colorado cave's more famous features. It is beyond Kings Row and not included on the current commercial tour route. Photograph copyright Dan Wray.



RMC Autumn 1999


Autumn 1999


Biological Contamination of Lechuguilla Closes Underground Campsite - by Richard Rhinehart

Fairy Caves Project Underway for 1999-2000 Season - by Richard Rhinehart

Remembering Fred Wefer, NSS President - by Dave Lester

Anvil Points Claystone Caves Revisited - by Donald G. Davis

The 1999 Silvertip Caving Expedition - by Michael Frazier

The Discovery of a New Wind Cave Lake - by Marc Ohms

A Letter For Home - by James Wilson

Wind Cave: In the Realm of the Rainbow Rooms - by Rodney D. Horrocks

Leaky Mountain Recon - by Ed LaRock

Exploring the Lost World of Taylor Park - by Doug Medville

The High Caves of Colorado - by Doug Medville

A Visit to Cave Basin - by Doug Medville

Cover image: Rapid City caver Myk Coughlin assists in the survey of Wind Cave's Phontom Lake. The lake was probably discovered between 1891 and 1893, but lost until rediscovery in 1999. Photograph copyright Marc Ohms.