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Rocky Mountain Caving - 1998


RMC Winter 1998


Winter 1998


A Study of the Pre-1900 Graffiti in Cave of the White Marble Halls - by Donald G. Davis

The Royal Dream Trip - by Marc "Caveman" Hament

Twin Walls: A Lost Cavern Reveals Some Secrets - by Richard Rhinehart

Kirk and Debbie's Dig Also Interesting - by Richard Rhinehart

Dark City: 81 Hours in Jewel Cave - by Mike Wiles

The Dark Side: Jewel Cave's First Camp - by Paul Burger

Journey to the Center of the Cheese - by James Alan Neely

Haystack Cave: A Cave of Volcanic Origin in Colorado - by Doug Medville

Controlled Access to Colorado Caves at Highest Level in History - by Richard Rhinehart

How to Go Underground: Advice From a Cave Patrol Cadet - by James Alan Neely

Surveying Key in Extending Narrows Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: Brilliant red paleokarst in South Dakota's Jewel Cave. Photograph copyright Carolyn Cronk.


RMC Spring 1998


Spring 1998


A Narrows Cave Mystery - by Richard Rhinehart

On Media: Pigeon Shoot - by Richard Rhinehart

What the Critics are Saying About "Blind Descent" - by Richard Rhinehart

Weather Reports From the Cave of the Winds - by James Alan Neely

Fungus and Stalactites - by Marc "Caveman" Hament

The "Quirky Quasi Quartzite Queva" Discoveries - by Roger Cain

The Survey of Colorado's Quartzite Caves - by Hazel Barton

South Park's Badger Creek Fed by Major Limestone Spring - by Richard Rhinehart

Cave Creek Cavern Weathers Winter Reasonably Well - by Richard Rhinehart

Real Caving Offered at Labor Day Regional - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: The Christmas Tree in Colorado's Fairy Cave was an impressive discovery in 1960. Located in Lower King's Row, the stalagmite is a memorable sight long remembered. Photograph copyright Frank Leskinen.


RMC Summer 1998


Summer 1998


Rat Roost 1998: The Caver Party of the Year - by Dan Sullivan

Deadman's Creek Trail Adopt-a-Trail Report - by Dan Shultz

Glenwood Caverns Colorado's Newest Underground Attraction - by Richard Rhinehart

Fairy Caves Project to Explore and Survey Glenwood Cavern - by Richard Rhinehart

Lechuguilla Cave Possible "Amazing Caves" Filming Location - by Richard Rhinehart

An Early Season Visit to Cave Creek Cavern - by James V. Wilson

Breezeway Cave Exploration: Shooting Fissures in a Barrel - by Evan Anderson

Unexpected Pleasures in Wind Cave's Navidad - by Hazel Barton

Cover image: Colorado caver Evan Anderson squeezes into Navidad, a new extension in South Dakota's Wind Cave. Photograph copyright Hazel Barton.



RMC Autumn 1998


Autumn 1998


Carlsbad Caverns a Popular Caver Destination - by Richard Rhinehart

Fairy Caves Project Underway - by Tom Dotter

Cave Wildlife Research Trips on the White River Plateau - by Donald G. Davis

Are They Still Growing? Speleothem Growth in Colorado's Groaning Cave - by Jerry Hassemer

Caving at Wyoming's Rocky Mountain Regional - by James V. Wilson

Rocky Mountain Caving at the 1996 Convention: A Biospeleogical Perspective - by David A. Hubbard, Jr.

The Discovery and Survey of the Anvil Points Claystone Caves - by Donald G. Davis

More Discoveries in Colorado's San Juan Mountains - by Doug Medville

Taylor Park Exploration: The Park Cone Caves - by Doug Medville

Anvil Points Claystone Caves Receive BLM Recognition - by Donald G. Davis

Cover image: The US Forest Service restricts access to Utah's Chipeta Cave owing to the delicate beauty of the cave's passageways and chambers. Photograph copyright Stan Kapperman.