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Rocky Mountain Caving - 1997


RMC Winter 1997


Winter 1997


The Manitou Grand Cavern Riddle - by Richard Rhinehart

Pink Slip Given to Lime the Rock in Millie's Office - by James Alan Neely

Wheelbarrows of Pain - Wheelbarrows of Pleasure - by James Alan Neely

The White River Plateau Post-Convention Field Camp - by Ed LaRock

New Fixin' Depth Record! - by Ed LaRock

Caving in the San Juans - by Doug Medville

Summer's End is Spring's Beginning - by Paul Fowler

Cover image: Virginia caver Doug Medville stands at the entrance to Colorado's Surprise Cave, in the San Juan Mountains. Photograph copyright Ron Simmons.




RMC Spring 1997


Spring 1997


Board of Directors to Oversee RMC - by Richard Rhinehart

Williams Canyon Project Welcomes New Member Grotto - by Richard Rhinehart

Views on the 1996 Salida NSS Convention - Compiled by Hazel Barton

An Usual Explanation for the Speleogenesis of Hubbard's Cave - by Donald G. Davis

The Hydrogeology of Colorado's Spring Cave - by G. Aaron Velky

The Hydrogeology of Colorado's Spring Cave: A Discussion - by Donald G. Davis

A Visit to Floyd Collins Country - by Mark Tornblum

Spring at Cave Creek Cavern - by Richard Rhinehart

Return to Lechuguilla - by Donald G. Davis

Cover image: Land of the Inverted Mushrooms in Colorado's Groaning Cave is a worthy destination for experienced cavers. Photograph copyright Jim Clark.



RMC Summer 1997


Summer 1997


Spring Cave Floods! - by Paul Fowler

New Version of Compass Released - by Larry Fish

A Primer on High Altitude Sickness - by Hazel Barton

Randy's Big Light - by James Alan Neely

Beyond the Menagerie: Lechuguilla's New Northwestern Discoveries - by Mark Rosbrook

The Best of Intentions: A Cave Conservation Failure at the Turn of the Century - by Richard Rhinehart

A Return to the Sangre de Cristos: Marble Mountain Project 1997 - by James V. Wilson

Unrecorded Historic Cave Items From the Silver Cliff Register - by Donald G. Davis

Surprise Cave and Its Strange Sandy Speleothems - by Donald G. Davis

Return to the San Juans - by Doug Medville

The Silver Watch - Speleofiction by Mike Frazier

The Hogback Holes - by Mike Frazier

Cover image: Two historic views of the Cave of the Winds, at Manitou Springs, Colorado. The top view is of the Bridal Chamber, the bottom of the Temple of Silence. Photographs courtesy of the Carolyn Cronk Collection.

RMC Autumn 1997


Autumn 1997


Clean-Up at Fly and Marble Caves - by Marc "Caveman" Hament

Hubbard's Cave Road Maintenance Planned - by Dan Shultz

Alpha Beta: A Curious Williams Canyon Prospect - by Richard Rhinehart

More Local Legends and Lore of the Colorado Springs Area - by Mike Frazier

Williams Canyon Project Confirms Authority of Project Trip Leaders - by Richard Rhinehart

Cave City Limits - by James Alan Neely

Halloween in Lechuguilla - by Tim Jones

Lechuguilla: December Camps - by Peter Bosted

It's a Wet, Wet, Wet, Wet World: Christmas at Puraficacion - by Paul Burger

Trip Leader Status - by Gary Kirchberg

Cover image: A view of the Leavenworth section of upper Narrows Cave, in Colorado's Williams Canyon. Photograph copyright Carolyn Cronk.