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Rocky Mountain Caving - 1996


RMC Winter 1996


Winter 1996


In the Dark: Fungi in Manitou Cave - by Marc Hament

Spelunker X Trapped in the Cave of Doom! - by James Alan Neely

Williams Canyon: The Witch Hunt That Never Was - by Tom Dotter

In Loving Memory: Roo, The Wonder Cave Dog - by Marc Hament

A Quest for Turtles: The Search for Tortuga Cave - by Mike Frazier

The Ice Cave Cometh: Ridge Walking in the Gros Ventre - by Paul Burger

The Hellhole Caves: A Preliminary Report - by Ronald Delano

Breezeway: Stories From Colorado's Crystalline Palace - by Richard Rhinehart

Narrows Cave: Beyond the Sandy Darkness - by Richard Rhinehart

The Mystery of Hackleman's Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: Randy Reck pushes a wheelbarrow in Colorado's Narrows Cave. Over 400 feet of passage was excavated by hand in this Williams Canyon Cave. Photograph copyright Carolyn and Bob Cronk.



RMC Spring 1996


Spring 1996


Snider's Cave Gets Good Cavekeeping Seal of Approval - by James Alan Neely

Cave of the Winds Throws Cave Party, People Get Naked - by James Alan Neely

Final Justice: America's Most Vaunted - Speleofiction by Gary Kirchberg

Narrows Fulfilled! - by Charles Lindsey

Breakthrough at Narrows Cave - by James Alan Neely

The Dream is Alive - by Richard Rhinehart

First and Second Impressions on the Birth of a Cave - by Gary Kirchberg

The Survey of Narrows - by Richard Rhinehart

Secret Pleasures: A Preliminary Account of Colorado's LaSunder Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

Grand Caving - by Evan Anderson

Cover image: Bob Cronk stands in the spacious Zig Zag Canyon in Narrows Cave, near Cave of the Winds. Photograph copyright Carolyn Cronk.


RMC Summer 1996


Summer 1996


Breezeway: The Antelope Freeway Environmental Gate - by Matthew Dotter

Spring Caving in Colorado - by James Alan Neely

A Request for E-Mail Addresses - by Stuart Marlatt

Above it All: The Heart of the Rockies Convention - by Richard Rhinehart

Convention Caving - by Richard Rhinehart

Post-Convention at Spanish Cave - by Donald G. Davis

In Support of the National Speleological Society - by Marc Hament

The Marble Mountain Project - by James V. Wilson

The Roadside Dig Curiosity - by Richard Rhinehart

The Aqueduct - by James Alan Neely

The Cave Creek Chronicles - by Richard Rhinehart

The Cave Creek Chronicles: Dig, He Said - by Karl G. Mayne

Cover image: The Colorado Room in Cave Creek Caverns is Colorado's largest single cave chamber. Photograph copyright Carolyn Cronk.

RMC Autumn 1996


Autumn 1996


The Wind Cave Project: 1996 Year End Report - by Hazel Barton

Cave of the Winds Resurvey Completed - by Paul Burger

Caving in Russia - by Andrei A. Semikolennykh

2003: A Survey Odyssey, The Survey of Cave Creek Cavern - by Hazel Barton

Geology and Hydrogeology of Cave Creek Cavern - by Fred Luiszer

Caving on Fossil Ridge - by Doug Medville

"The Carlsbad Cavern Mind Control Experiment" - Speleofiction by James Alan Neely

Cover image: The Blue Pool Room in Colorado's Groaning Cave is a favorite of photographers. Photograph copyright Jim Clark.