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Rocky Mountain Caving - 1995


RMC Winter 1995


Winter 1995


Colorado Grotto Library Expanded - by Paul Fowler

Caving for Conservation - by John Gookin

The NOLS Caving Program - by Mike Bailey

Exploring Eastern Glenwood Canyon - by Karl Mayne

A Visit to Colorado's Buffalo Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

Why Did My Pants Come Off While Caving at Silent Splendor? - by James Alan Neely

Return to the Cabin Caves - by Doug Medville

Adventures in the Lunatic Fringe - by Paul Burger

Lechuguilla: The Magnolia Bayou and Points Beyond - by Donald G. Davis

"The Mobius Box" - by James V. Wilson

Manitou Cave "Lost Tour" To Begin This Spring - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: Colorado cavers Bruce Albright and Paul Burger watch as Stan Allison pushes a tight lead in the Lunatic Fringe region of South Dakota's Wind Cave. Photograph copyright Evan Anderson.


RMC Spring 1995


Spring 1995


New Groaning Cave Volunteers - by Paul Burger

Spring Cave Overflows Its' Entrance Again - by Paul Fowler

The Cave at Manitou's Rainbow Falls - by Mike Frazier

Rescues Common at Rainbow Falls Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

Limestone Cowboys - by James Alan Neely

The 1995 Cheve Expedition - by Mike Frazier

The Fault Cave Resurvey Project - by Hazel Barton

Lechuguilla: The Southern Climes - by Donald G. Davis

"Incident at Medicine Hole" - by Richard Rhinehart

"The Dragon" - by Mike Frazier

Cave Hunting in Eastern Glenwood Canyon - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: Water flows from the main entrance to Colorado's Spring Cave in this unusual view. Photograph copyright Paul Fowler.


RMC Summer 1995


Summer 1995


Why Cave Registers? - by Mike Frazier

Silent Splendor: The View From Down Under - by Chris Bradley

Return to Spanish Cave - by Donald G. Davis

Regarding Cave Secrecy - by Mike Frazier

Fixin'-to-Die! Beyond the Third Mile - by Ed LaRock

Dark and Silent Chambers: The Discovery and Exploration of Colorado's Breezeway Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

Participating in Breezeway Cave Trips - by Richard Rhinehart

A Breezeway Future That Almost Happened - by Richard Rhinehart

Run to the River: Breakthrough in Breezeway Cave - by Paul Burger

Breezeway Cave: Beyond Sidewinder - by Paul Burger

The Protection of Breezeway - by Richard Rhinehart

Breezeway: To the Plains on High - by Paul Burger

Cover image: California caver Ann Bosted admires the Stone River chamber in Colorado's Breezeway Cave. Photograph copyright Peter & Ann Bosted.

RMC Autumn 1995


Autumn 1995


Notes on Ochre From Sandia Cave, New Mexico - by Fred Luiszer

Histoplasmosis: An Overview of the Disease - by Hazel Barton

A Farewell to Lech - by Donald G. Davis

Cavestock: Three Days of Peace, Loving & Caving - by James Alan Neely

A Summer Visit to Clayton Cone - by Richard Rhinehart

Cave Hunting in Douglas County - by Alaric Strauss

"The Digger: Narrows 2010" - Speleofiction by Mike Frazier and Alaric Strauss

Pike's Peak's Hurricane Cave - by Mike Frazier

"Common Bonds" and "Subaquatic Realm" - Poetry by Mike Frazier

The Speleogenesis of Hurricane Cave - by Mike Frazier

Colorado Caving: Summer 1995 - by Doug Medville

Remembering Reginald Chester - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: Colorado caver Louise Hose descends into Hurricane Cave, a challenging granite cave system on the slopes of Pikes Peak, Colorado. Photograph copyright Mike Frazier.