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Rocky Mountain Caving - 1994


RMC Winter 1994


Winter 1994


Spelunking Explained! - by Donald G. Davis

Speleogenesis by Psychokinetism - by Donald G. Davis

The Colorado Grotto Wind Cave Project - by J. Kevin Smith

The December LEARN Expedition - by Paul Burger

Deep Space: Beyond the Stopper in Jewel Cave - by Paul Burger

Huccacove: A New Adventure - by Tanya Tinnin

The Deepwater Extension to Pedro's Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

Western Colorado's Grand Meeander Cave - by Ronald Delano

The Hydrogeology of Grand Meeander Cave - by Win Wright

Biological Limitations of Hand-Heald Instrument Survey Techniques - by Ronald DeLano, O.D.

Cover image: Colorado caver Bill Allen begins the long rappel to the New Mexico Room from the Chocolate Mezzanine in Carlsbad Caverns. Photograph copyright David Harris.



RMC Spring 1994


Spring 1994


Lechuguilla: Chipping Away at the Barrier - by Donald G. Davis and Garry Petrie

The Awesome Silence: Hidden Cave - by Shelley B. Dieter

The South Winds of Lechuguilla - by Donald G. Davis

Pedro's Deepwater Extension: There Be Cave Here - by Charles Lindsey

Deep Water in Pedro's Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

The Speleogenesis of Cave of the Winds, Part I - by Fred G. Luiszer

Can This be Groaning Cave? - by Karl Mayne

Cover image: Fulford Cave south of Eagle, Colorado contains many fine displays, including these beauties. Photograph copyright Tom Dotter.




RMC Summer 1994


Summer 1994


Following the Money Underground - by Bob Crisman

Lure of the South Wind: The April Lechuguilla Breakaways - by Donald G. Davis

Early Survey and Conservation Standards at Wind Cave - by Donald G. Davis

Granite That Goes - by Mike Frazier

Surveying Colorado's Big One - by Richard Rhinehart

Groaning's Conning Tower: "What If..." - by Mark Tornblom

The Speleogenesis of Cave of the Winds, Part II - by Fred G. Luiszer

Surveying Colorado's Cement Creek Caves - by Doug Medville

Reuse That Throwaway Camera - by T. Evan Anderson

Cover image: Silent Splendor in Colorado's Cave of the Winds was discovered in early 1984. It remains a favorite for photographers and cavers. Photograph copyright Skip Withrow.



RMC Autumn 1994


Autumn 1994


Regarding Caving for Pay - by Warren Anderson

Speleothems Offered at Denver Gem Show - by William L. Wilson

Hooked! - by Mike Frazier

"Fly by Night" - by Mike Frazier

Lechuguilla: The Mother Lode - by Donald G. Davis

Lechuguilla: Discoveries of the First Order - by Ron DeLano

The Vail Blowhole - by Doug Medville

More on the Vail Blowhole - by Paul Fowler

Moab's Endless Cave - by Ron DeLano

Cover image: Colorado caver Randy Reck stands overlooking the impressive pit entrance to Colorado's Buffalo Cave. Photograph copyright Randy Reck.