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Rocky Mountain Caving - 1993


RMC Winter 1993


Winter 1993


Colorado Tunnel Detection Symposium Brings Hope for Future Digging Techniques - by Greg Glazner

A Good Electric Light for Long Trips - by Donald G. Davis

Colorado National Convention Staff Organizing - by Skip Withrow

The Lechuguillan Self-Rescue - by Peter Jones

O, Lechuguilla! - by Eugeni Ananiev

Great Halls of Fire! Classic Lechuguilla Exploration - by Ron DeLano

Long and Deep Caves of the Former Soviet Union - by Alexander Klimchouk

Searching for the Next Big Discovery in the Cave of the Winds - by Richard Rhinehart

Whining, Wiggling and Walking in Wind - by James V. Wilson

Cover image: The mammoth Diana's Shield within New Mexico's Virgin Cave hangs over caver Lyle Moss. Photograph copyright Randy Brown.


RMC Spring 1993


Spring 1993


The Surveyed Caves of Colorado - by Richard Rhinehart

Stalactites in the Lincoln Memorial Cellars - by Donald G. Davis

Recent Cave Hunting in Colorado's San Juan Mountains - by Richard Rhinehart

Ouray's Crystal Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

What Really Happens at Carlsbad Cavern - by Doug Kent

Montana Big Sky Caving Returns - by Greg Hanson

Jack-Pot on Sheep Mountain - by M. Kelly Smith

The Phosphoria Doesn't House Significant Caves - by Monte Harnden

Photographing Holey Sheep - by Richard Rhinehart

"Boink" - by James V. Wilson

Costa Rican Caving - by Fred Luiszer

Cover image: Looking out of a recently-discovered cave in Arizona's Grand Canyon. Photograph copyright Larry Coats.


RMC Summer 1993


Summer 1993


Pat Kambesis Receives NSS Bicking Award - by Donald G. Davis

Colorado's Newest Fellow - by Donald G. Davis

Huccacove Cave: The Diaz Incident - by Steve Reames

Colorado's Longest and Deepest Caves - by Paul Burger

Current Explorations in Lechuguilla Cave - by Randy Brown and Donald G. Davis

Regarding "Wurms" and Rotated Gypsum Planes in Lechuguilla - by Donald G. Davis

Caving in Wyoming's Gros Ventre Mountains - by Paul Burger

Distant Waters: The Search for the Source of Spring Cave's Stream - by Richard Rhinehart

Caving Poetry - by Greg Hansen

A Taste of China: The 1991/92 China Caves Project (Part I) - by Pat Kambesis

Cover image: Caver Bill Allen views an incredible helictite in the Chocolate High section of Carlsbad Caverns. Photograph copyright David Harris.


RMC Autumn 1993


Autumn 1993


Surveying Continues Within Lechuguilla Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

The Survey of Huccacove - by Paul Burger

Cave References in an Early Grand Canyon Poem - by Donald G. Davis

Twit Twins: Inky Blackness, Wet Suits - by Paul Burger

The Lost Cavern: Surprising Explorations in Pedro's Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

Williams Canyon's Forgotten Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

A Taste of China: The 1991/92 China Caves Project (Part II) - by Pat Kambesis

Cover image: Colorado caver Donald G. Davis admires the view in a Boundary Waters pool, in New Mexico's Lechuguilla Cave. Photograph copyright David Harris.