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Rocky Mountain Caving - 1992


RMC Winter 1992


Winter 1992


Caver Dies in Florida Caving Accident - by Louise D. Hose

Improvements Planned for Hubbard's Cave Road - by Dan Shultz

NPS Assumes Management of Lechuguilla Exploration - by Richard Rhinehart

LEARN Offers Representation for Former Lechuguilla Cave Project Members - by Richard Rhinehart

Caving and the Art of Copyrights - by Larry Fish

What Happened to Marble Cave's Bat Colony? - by Mark Tornblom

Carlsbad's Quiet Discoveries - by Richard Rhinehart

Wind Cave: From Grandeur to Grander - by Paul Burger

In Her Majesty's Caving Service - by Jonathan Turnbull

Impressions of Wind - by Aaron Zumpf

WCP Board Meets, Discusses Recreational Trip & Trip Leader Requirements - by Richard Rhinehart

Exploring the New Southern Frontier of Colorado's Cave of the Winds - by Richard Rhinehart

A Brief Guide to the Current Digs of Williams Canyon - by Richard Rhinehart

Colorado's Periodic Carbonic-Acid Spring - by Donald G. Davis

A Very Brief Guide to Potholing in the UK - by Paul Fretwell

Exploration and Research in the New World's Deepest Cave - by Louise D. Hose

It's Alright, Mon! Caving in Jamaica - by Fred Luiszer

Cover image: Nancy Pistole with a camp duffle near the Low Rider Turnpike, Sistema Cheve, Mexico. Photograph copyright Louise Hose.


RMC Spring 1992


Spring 1992


Colorado Springs to Host October Speleo Seminar - by Richard Rhinehart

Seminar Calls for Papers - by Richard Rhinehart

Cave Wilderness in Inventories of Cave Resources and Values - by Dr. William R. Halliday

Who Discovered Calcium Carbide? - by Donald G. Davis

Loaning Library Established - by Mike Frazier

The Collapse of the Lechuguilla Cave Project - by Patricia Kambesis

To Lechuguillan Depths - by Louise D. Hose

Caving in the Land of Aa's - by James V. Wilson

Underwater Deposits in a Grand Canyon Cave - by Jerry Hassemer

The Devil's Hole - by Donald G. Davis

An Unusual Western Colorado Cave - by Ronald DeLano

Colorado's Claystone Cave - by Donald G. Davis

George's Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

A Hot June Day in Wind Cave - by Paul Burger

The Survey of La Caverna del Numero Uno - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: Anne Strait, David Modisette and Richard Bridges admire the beauty of New Mexico's Deep Cave. Photograph copyright Norman R. Thompson.

RMC Summer 1992


Summer 1992


Oil Birds? Hardly! - by Donald G. Davis

Colorado's Donald G. Davis Receives Honorary Membership - by Norm Pace

What is CaveNet? - by Steve Reames

Wind Cave: Cutting Loose in the Deep South - by Paul Burger

Some Comments on Underwater Pool Decorations - by Donald G. Davis

Summer Surveying in Colorado - by Ed LaRock

"My Secret Place" - by Mike Frazier

"Fixed" - by James V. WIlson

Big Manhole Cave: The Saga - by Bill Yett

A New Geyser in Manitou - by Donald G. Davis

No Old Gold or Bones? A Skeptical Review of "Caverna del Oro" Legendry - by Donald G. Davis

Marble Mountain Misadventure - by James V. Wilson

I Wish I Had a Wetsuit - by Stan Allison

"Storm Cave" - by Douglas Kent

Cover image: Pristine columns and draperies in Utah's Chipeta Cave. Photograph copyright Larry Coats.

RMC Autumn 1992


Autumn 1992


Kerbo to Head China Tour - by Richard Rhinehart

Lechuguilla Cave Protection Act Considered - by Richard Rhinehart

Early Colorado Caver Carl Blaurock Dies - by Donald G. Davis

Return to Calunturas - by Patricia Kambesis

A Few Words on the Bachli Rappel Device - by Donald G. Davis

Here be Dragons: New Exploration in Lechuguilla Cave - by Miles Hecker with Donald G. Davis

Guadalupe Cave Protection Zone Recommended - by Harvey DuChene

Utah's Sheep Mountain: A Reconnaissance - by Richard Rhinehart

A Primer on Colorado Grotto Finances - by J. Kevin Smith

It Ain't Over Yet (But the Fat Lady's On Stage) - by Ken Kreager

Cover image: A delicate aragonite display deep within northern Wyoming's Holey Sheep Cave. Photograph copyright Norman R. Thompson.