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Rocky Mountain Caving - 1991


RMC Winter 1991


Winter 1991


The Wall Street Journal Discovers Glenwood Springs' Hobo Caves - by Dr. William R. Halliday

Groaning Cave Map Under Revision - by Alan Williams

The Wind Cave Odyssey - by Bill Yett

Hidden Treasure of the Chimera - by James V. Wilson

Strategic Hydration for Increasing Caving Endurance - by Alan Williams

Impressions of the Marble Karst - by Donald G. Davis

Lechuguilla Marches On - by Donald G. Davis

A Lechuguilla Addendum - by Donald G. Davis

A Williams Canyon Mystery - by Richard Rhinehart

The Moebius Trip - by Louise D. Hose

Feminism in Mexican Caving - by Louise D. Hose

Discovery in the Sinks of Lander - by Donald G. Davis

The Incident - by James V. Wilson

The Dark Riders - by Paul Burger

Cover image: Colorado caver Larry Coats admires the beaded helictites in Heavenly Hall, Manitou Grand Caverns, Colorado. Photograph copyright D. Jacobe Rogers.


RMC Spring 1991


Spring 1991


September Spring Cave Expedition Planned - by Steve Sims

Karst Hydrology at Grand Targhee - by Warren Anderson

Of Mascots, Microbes and Mine Caves - by Donald G. Davis

A Change in the Wind - by Ed LaRock

Wind Cave Happenings - by Jim Nepstad and Stan Allison

Lechuguilla: The Push Northwest - by Donald G. Davis

The Rescue of Emily Davis Mobley - by Garry Petrie

Moon Over Lechuguilla - by Patricia E. Seiser

If it's Spielberg, Put Him on Hold - by Richard Rhinehart

A Short Log of the Rescue of Emily Davis Mobley - by Ann Bosted

Fatality in Mexico's Sistema Cuicateco - by Peter Bosted

Mexico: Winter 1990-1991 - by Louise D. Hose

Post Expedition Activities of the 1991 Sistema Cuicateco Project - by Todd Warren

The Shorty Misnomer Extension - by Louise D. Hose

Long and Deep Caves of the United States

Cover image: A view of the successful rescue of Emily Davis Mobley from Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico in April 1991. Photograph copyright Peter & Ann Bosted.


RMC Summer 1991


Summer 1991


Some Comments on the Proposed BLM Cooperative Management Agreement - by Larry Fish

Lechuguilla Cave Project Receives Take Pride in America Award - Garry Petrie

Wind Cave Releases its Secrets - by Paul Burger

Wind Cave: Borehole Madness - by Patricia E. Seiser

Wind Cave Project Welcomes New Cavers - by Bill Yett

Three Fingers Cave: An Explorer's Delight, A Mapper's Challenge - by Patricia Kambesis

Wind Cave: Portrait of a Project Done Right - by Louise D. Hose

Lechuguilla: The Heliocentric Expedition - by Donald G. Davis

Return to the Ice Cave - by Garry Petrie

Speleofiction: "Ol' Buddy!" - by James V. Wilson

The Growth Rate of Fibrous Gypsum - by Louise D. Hose

A Missouri Cave Medley - by Scott Fitzgerald

A Trip to Fitton Cave - by Scott Fitzgerald

Cover image: A group of cavers pause for a rest during an off-trail tour of Jewel Cave, South Dakota. Photograph copyright Scott Fitzgerald.

RMC Autumn 1991


Autumn 1991


Paleontology Courses Offered by Museum - by Richard Rhinehart

Lechuguilla Cave Project Yields to Park Service Pressure - by Richard Rhinehart

Some Comments on the Proposed Caving Hall of Fame - by Bill Yett

Groaning Cave Length Now Over Seven Miles - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover Story: Inside the NSS Graphic Arts Salon - by Richard Rhinehart

Colorado Grotto Library Welcomes Use - by Bill Yett

Trip Planned to New San Juan Cavern - by Stuart Marlatt

Further Adventures in Wind Cave's Southern Comfort - by Paul Burger

Wind Cave Happenings - by Stan Allison

Caving in the Land of No Trees - by Ted Lappin

A Small Town Caver in (and Under) New York City - by Donald G. Davis

Pikes Peak Caving - by Mike Frazier

Geologic Setting of Hurricane Cave, Colorado - by Louise D. Hose

The 1991 Sistema Cuicateco Expedition: Exploration of the Sump at -1384 Meters - by Jim Smith

The Survey of Dinosaur's State Line Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: Anthodites in Colorado's LaSunder Cave. Photograph copyright Norman R. Thompson.