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Rocky Mountain Caving - 1990


RMC Winter 1990


Winter 1990


More on the Wind Cave Rescue - by Ed LaRock

That Fabulous Decade: A Review of Colorado Caving in the 1980s - by Richard Rhinehart

Lechuguilla: A View of the Eighties - by Donald G. Davis

Changing Frogs Into Princes: A View of the Eighties - by Larry Fish

The Wonderful Cave of the Winds? A View of the Eighties - by Richard Rhinehart

What's in our Future? - by Richard Rhinehart

Fixation: Exploring Colorado's Fixin'-to-Die Cave - by Jim Erickson

The Mammoth Extension of Huccacove Cave - by Donald G. Davis

Huccacove: The Aurora Room and Beyond - by Steve Holiday

Pristine Discoveries in Colorado's Lime Creek Canyon - by Jim Erickson

Can Herbie's Deli be the Long Lost Dead Cow Cave? - by Richard Rhinehart

By Deepest Lechguilla's Waters - by Donald G. Davis

The October 1989 Lechuguilla Microclimate Study Field Trip - by Ed LaRock and K.I. Cunningham

The February Lechuguilla Scientific Expedition - by Donald G. Davis

A Primer on Barometric Cave Winds - by Stephen Reames

How Big Is That Passage? - by Larry Fish

Lint is Not Limited to Belly Buttons Alone - by Patricia Jablonsky

Cover image: Jim Erickson chimneys across "the Ramp" on his way to "High Country" in Colorado's Huccacove Cave. Watching the gymnastics are Greg Jensen, Fred Luiszer and Donald G. Davis. Photograph copyright Bob Stucklen.

RMC Spring 1990


Spring 1990


Big Manhole Cave Dig Schedule Released - by Bill Yett

Colorado Grotto Returns to Wind Cave - by Bill Yett

Williams Canon Project Re-Organizes After Controvery Erupts - by Richard Rhinehart

Steve 0, Wall 1: Or, Who Put That Rock There, Anyway? - by Kevin and Steve Smith

Bypass Discovered to Overlook Drop - by Richard Rhinehart

Managing the Search Function - by Greg Miller

Denver Caver Receives NSS Research Grant - by Pat Jablonsky

The Nation's Deepest: Lechuguilla of the Guadalupes - by Donald G. Davis

Mammal Skeleton Discovered in Lechuguilla - by K.I. Cunningham

The History, Geology and Mineralogy of CJ's Crystal Cavern - by Lee Pruitt

Beneath the Gift Shop: The Survey of the Lower Caves of Williams Canyon - by Richard Rhinehart

Where Have All the Big Caves Gone? - by Garry Petrie

Impressions of Ellison's Cave - by Donald G. Davis

A McKittrick Hill Spring - by James V. Wilson

Wet and Wild in Honey Creek, Texas - by Todd Warren

"Under the Gate" - by Bill Heath

Cover image: Colorado caver Pat Seiser admires the profuse decorations of Mindbender, in Wyoming's Horsethief Cave. Photograph copyright Garry Petrie.

RMC Summer 1990


Summer 1990


Norm Pace Slated To Speak at Rocky Mountain Speleo-Seminar - by Louise Hose

Jolt Verses the Birtish Empire - by Richard Rhinehart

Jim Pisarowicz: Profile of a Lew Bicking Award Winner - by Louise Hose

A Review of the Lew Bicking Award - by Louise Hose

Kids Say the Darndest Things About Caving - by Richard Rhinehart

South of the Border, Down New Mexico Way - by James V. Wilson

Stupid Caving Comments, Part I - by Dawn Burow-Hill

Looking for Caves in All the Right Places - by D. Jacobe Rogers

Jefferson County Planning Board Rejects C.J.'s Quarry - by Richard Rhinehart

Adventures in Surveying - by Richard Rhinehart

The Exploration of Iceberg Cave - by Louise Hose

The Discovery and Exploration of Wild Raspberry Cave - by Louise Hose

Lil' Bit of Gonzo Cave - by Louise Hose

The Treasure of Lost Mascot Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

To the Deepest Ends: Lechuguilla Passes Another Milestone - by Donald G. Davis

Equipment Notes - by Donald G. Davis

November in Cueva de Infiernillo - by Dawn Reed

Where the Wind Blows - by James V. Wilson

Cover image: A pristine view in Colorado's Groaning Cave, north of Glenwood Springs. Photograph copyright D. Jacobe Rogers.


RMC Autumn 1990


Autumn 1990


Board of Governors to Return to Denver - by Richard Rhinehart

Timberline Cavers Visit GYPKAP Project - by Brad McClellan

Caving is Not Taxing - by Kevin Smith

Huccacove's Super Attic Structure - by D. Jacobe Rogers

Spanish! Ole! - by James V. Wilson

Confessions of a Baby Caver - by Sherilyn B. McCormick

The Mapping of Fulford Cave - by Steve Reames

Elusive Dreams: The 1990 Cuicateco Expedition - by Patricia N. Kambesis

Autumn Wanderings in Lechuguilla Cave - by Donald G. Davis

The Prevalence and Significance of Dehydration in Sport Cavers - by Lyle R. Moss

An Excellent Adventure - by Garry Petrie

The Close Call: Caving on the Edge in Wyoming - by Monte Harnden

Tse'an Blah: One of the Grand Canyon's Less Exciting Caves - by Louise Hose

The Joy of Surveying - by Steve Reames

"Ode to a Ripe Friend" - by Larry Coats

"The Moon Squeeze" - by the "C" Team

Cover image: A group of Colorado cavers pause for a break during a recent work trip to South Dakota's Wind Cave. Photograph copyright Larry Coats.