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Rocky Mountain Caving - 1989


RMC Winter 1989


Winter 1989


Cave Survey Awarded Certificate of Appreciation - by Richard A. Bridges

Lechuguilla Cave Project to Sign New Memorandum of Understanding - by Richard Rhinehart

The Story of David Brunton and the Brunton Transit - by Pat Jablonsky

Pardon Us? - by Ken Kreager

Survey Recommends Controlled Access for Plateau Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

The Big Wet One of Texas: Honey Creek Cave - by Ed LaRock

Undercover at the November Colorado Spee-dunkers Meeting - by Dwight Deal

Jolt IV: This Time, It's Personal - by Paul Burger

It's Wild Up There: High Climbing Down Deep in Lechuguilla Cave - by Don Doucette

Lechuguilla: And the Monster Roared - by Paul Burger

Lechuguilla: More Treasure Revealed - by Donald G. Davis

Lechuguilla: Some Scientific Notes - by Donald G. Davis

Equipment Note: The Excretion Bag - by Jerry Hassemer

"Mind Barriers" - poetry by Monte Harnden

"Released" - speleofiction by Daniel R. Stone

The Poetry of the Cave of the Winds - by Richard Rhinehart

On the Trail of Wonder: Cave of the Winds' Spider Web Valley Hints the Best is Yet to Come - by Richard Rhinehart

The Giant Desert Centipede That Ate Carlsbad - by Bob Fordon

Cover image: Spectacular helictites in the newly-discovered Spider Web Valley in Colorado's Cave of the Winds. Photograph copyright Ken Kreager.

RMC Spring 1989


Spring 1989


Wilderness Lost: The Rush for Commercialization of Lechuguilla Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

Some Thoughts on Carlsbad Politics and Lechuguilla Cave - by Bill Yett

The Paper Dragon: Commercialization and Lechuguilla Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

Jolt 5: The Quest for Freedom - by Paul Burger

A Winter Visit to the Orient Mine - by James V. Wilson

Tales From a Topographic Ocean: Caving in the Boring Triangle - by Steve Dunn

A Taste of Death - by Roy Glaser

A Most Accidental Discovery: Manitou Grand Caverns' New Heavenly Hall - by Richard Rhinehart

Adventures in Fort Stanton Cave - by James V. Wilson

The New Frontier of the Manitou Grand Caverns - by Richard Rhinehart

Down to the Edge of Night: The 1988 Sistema Huautla Expedition - by Todd Warren

In Search of the Deepest Cave: Proyecto Papalo - 1989 - by Louise D. Hose and Todd Warren

Lechuguilla: Adventures in the Plush and Luxurious North Rift - by Ron DeLano

Lechuguilla: The Ongoing Saga - by Donald G. Davis

Lechuguilla: Never Say Never - by Garry Petrie

Lechuguilla: Low Expectations - by Ron DeLano

Oy! The Joy of Discovery in Lechuguilla - by Ed LaRock with Rich Sloan

Cover image: Kentucky caver Sheri Engler in "Vesuvius," one of the new chambers in the "High Hopes" region of New Mexico's Lechuguilla Cave. Photograph copyright Norman R. Thompson.

RMC Summer 1989


Summer 1989


Call for Papers: Rocky Mountain Speleo-Seminar - by Louise Hose

Regional Planned for Bighorn Mountains - by Monte Harnden

Lechuguilla Cave Development Condemned - by Donald G. Davis

Colorado Cave Survey Update - by Ed LaRock

Colorado Grotto Auction in October - by Richard Rhinehart

Understanding Lechuguilla Cave Project, Inc. - by Garry Petrie

Committees of The Lechuguilla Cave Project - by Patricia Kambesis

Jolt 6: The Lost Episodes - by Paul Burger

New Discovery at White Marble Halls - by Paul Burger

More Travels in TAG - by Ed LaRock

The Lost Creek Project: An Overview - by Lee Esch

Lost Creek: The Exploration Continues - by Paul Burger

The Wild Canyon: A Spring Visit to Colorado's Cross Mountain Canyon - by Richard Rhinehart

A Mysterious Marker - by Richard Rhinehart

Exploring the White River Plateau's Other Deep Creek Canyon - by Richard Rhinehart

Obituary: Kevin Swenby - by Fred Luiszer

Lechuguilla: The Eastern Wall Falls - by Donald G. Davis

Lechuguilla: The Adventure Continues - by Lyle Moss

Lechuguilla: Sweet Dreams Beyond the Aragonitemare - by Patricia Kambesis

"Chief Lechuguilla Speaks" - speleofiction by Ron DeLano

The Legend of Belskinner Caver - a limestonerick poem by Lee H. Skinner

A Descent to Avernus - a classic essay by H.P. Lovecraft

"Crater Cave: Part I" - speleofiction by Dan Rubins Lowrey

Cover image: Colorado's Groaning Cave contains many pristine dripstone formations. Photograph copyright Ted Lappin.


RMC Autumn 1989


Autumn 1989


Final Report: Carlsbad Lechguilla Task Force

How to Get Free Passes to Evan's Plunge: The Story of the November Wind Cave Rescue - by Garry Petrie

Jolt 7: A New Beginning - by Paul Burger

Fulford's New Discovery - by Bill Hawn and Robert Phillips

Dye Tracing of the Honeycomb-Fulford-Blue Butt System - by Fred Luiszer

Dye Test at Spanish Cave - by Jerry Hassemer

Chockstone Cave, Lost Creek System: It's Not Just a Boulder Pile Anymore - by Louise Hose and Lee Esch

East Miller Creek: A Reconnaissance of a Western Plateau Canyon - by Richard Rhinehart

GYPKAP II: Pushing the Frontiers of Caving Technique - by Steve Dunn

The Mutant Rat: A "Reasonably" True Story - by Monte Harnden

"Meditation" - poetry by Monte Harnden

Lechuguilla: Pushing the Outback - by Donald G. Davis

Depths of Confusion - by Richard Rhinehart

"Ballad Hymn of the Lechuguilla Cave Project" - by Lee H. Skinner

Trekin' Through Mammoth Cave - by James V. Wilson

"Crater Cave: Part II" - speleofiction by Dan Rubins Lowrey

"The Book of Donald Glenn Davis" - by Paul Burger and Pat Seiser

Big Manhole: Treasure Beneath the Desert - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: "Snoopy" in Carlsbad Caverns National Park's Ogle Cave. Photograph copyright Norman R. Thompson.