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Rocky Mountain Caving - 1988


RMC Winter 1988


Winter 1988


Collapsing Chimney Brings Rescheduled Trips - by Richard Rhinehart

Adam's Rib Ski Area Development Update - by Dave Allured

Personal Reflections on the November Cave Rescue Orientation - by James V. Wilson

An Update on the Narrows Cave Project - by Steve Sims

A SMAPS/AutoCAD Interface - by Jim Nepstad

There Are No Caves to Speak Of In Arizona - by Neil Markovitz

A Preliminary Study of the Pleistocene Sediments at the Cave of the Winds - by Fred Luiszer

Beyond the Wedding Pearl Dome: New Efforts at the Cave of the Winds - by Richard Rhinehart

News From the Rocky Mountain Region - by Richard Rhinehart

Echoes From Lechuguilla Cave - by Donald G. Davis

"Stalactoids" On Pool Linings in Lechuguilla Cave: More Bizarre Subaqueous Speleothems? - by Donald G. Davis

Breakthrough in the F Survey of Lechuguilla - by Stan Allison

Who Discovered Hoodoo Hall? - by Garry Petrie

January Lechuguilla Expedition Reveals More Startling Information on Unique Troglobite - by B.P. Petrie

A Lechuguillan Mystery - by Donald G. Davis

The Possible Significance of Carbonate Breccia Encountered in Limestone Caves, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico - by Harvey DuChene

Ronal Kerbo on Underground Wilderness - interview conducted by Richard Rhinehart and Kenneth Kreager

The National Park Service's Only Cave Specialist - by Richard Rhinehart

Pushing the Sumps: The 1987 Spring Cave Expedition - by Steve Sims

Twenty Pound Tick Cave: The Exploration Continues - by Steve Sims

Some Brief Notes on Twenty Pound Tick Cave - by Steve Sims

A Bee-Keepers Guide to Honey Bees and Caving - by Blane Colton

Brief Explorations in the Central Plateau Karst - by Richard Rhinehart

More on the Roadside Cave Area - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: The stalagmite bridge in Groaning Cave's CSU Passage is a popular destination for cavers. Photograph copyright Ken Kreager.

RMC Spring 1988


Spring 1988


NSS Board Takes No Action Regarding Serbu - by Richard Rhinehart

Death of a Cave: The Sad Story of C.J.'s Cavern - by Richard Rhinehart

"Adventure Room" New Attraction at Cave of the Winds - by Richard Rhinehart

Tragedy in New Mexico - by Ken Kreager

Obituary: Lloyd Marshall - by Kirk Branson

Stalwart Six Sojourn to See Stalactites at Sublime Porcupine - by James V. Wilson

Caving Under the Influence of Jolt Cola - by Paul Burger

Treasure in Pedro's Cave and Other Mysteries Resolved - by Donald G. Davis

More Errors About Cave of the Winds in "Caves of Colorado" - by Donald G. Davis

The Cave of the Winds From a Potter's View - by Nan Graber

The Real Story of How Cave of the Winds Formed - by Larry Fish

A 1911 Theory of The Formation of the Cave of the Winds - by Richard Rhinehart

Lost! The September Spring Cave Incident - by Kirk Branson

Into the Borehole: New Explorations in Colorado's Twenty Pound Tick Cave - by Steve Sims

Lechuguilla Cave: To Depths Profound - by Donald G. Davis

Lechuguilla: The Lakes of Castrovalva - by Ron DeLano

Lechuguilla: An Oasis Down Under - by Garry Petrie

The February Lechuguilla Video Expedition - by Harvey R. DuChene

Late News From Lechuguilla - by Ken Kreager

A Brief History of the Exploration of Wind Cave - by Jim Pisarowicz

The McDonald-Stabler Feud: The Birth of a National Park - by Tom Farrell

The Silent Expressway: A Wind Cave Initiation - by Steve Dunn

Report From Wind Cave - by Jim Pisarowicz

Long and Deep Caves of the United States

In Jackson's Footsteps - by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: A 19th century William Henry Jackson photograph of the Horseshoe Tunnel and Broken Column in the Manitou Grand Caverns, Colorado. Photograph courtesy of the Colorado Historical Society.

RMC Summer 1988


Summer 1988


Gated Caves in Colorado - by Richard Rhinehart

Colorado Cavers; RMC Honored at National Convention - by Richard Rhinehart

School of Mines Plans Preservation of Doomed C.J.'s Cavern - by Richard Rhinehart

Publicity Continues to Promote Lechuguilla Wilderness Concept - by Richard Rhinehart

Extravaganza Caving - by Mark R. Tornblum

The Dinosaur Fire - by Mark R. Tornblum

New Fixin'-to-Die Map Available - by Ed LaRock

New Adventures Under the Influence of Jolt Cola - by Paul Burger

The Jewel Cave Incident - by Ed LaRock

1988 National Speleological Society Convention: Drunk in the Dust - by Ed LaRock

Why is the Cave of the Winds Muddy? - by Donald G. Davis

A Preliminary Study of Sediments at Narrows Cave - by Fred Luiszer

Twenty Years Ago Today ... Reflections on the Discovery of Groaning Cave - by John Pollack

One Small Step in Groaning Cave - by R. Mark Maslyn

Twenty Years of Exploration: Groaning Cave Reaches Seven Miles of Surveyed Passage - by Richard Rhinehart

Through the Snake Pit Entrance of Wind Cave - by Darren Ressler

A Mind Reader, A Pin Head, and a Fool: The Story of "Professor" Johnstone's Visit to Wind Cave - by Tom Farrell

"The Search for Jack McGraw" - speleofiction by Daniel R. Stone

"The Gate" A Haunting Tale - speleofiction by "Shorty"

"A Perfect Murder" A True Tale of Speleolust and Intrigue - by Steve Dunn

"Knowing Your Limitations" - speleofiction by Daniel R. Stone

Southern Mexico Caving: Tabasco 1988 - by Jim Pisarowicz

Mexicaving: Thanksgiving 1987 - by Patricia N. Kambesis

The Grand Caverns of the Guadalupes: Lechuguilla's Mileage Surpasses Carlsbad Cavern - by Donald G. Davis

"Lechuguilla" - poetry by Lee H. Skinner

Lechguilla: Opening Up Again? - by Steve Sims

A Surprise in Dodie Spring - by Jim Pisarowicz

Further Adventures in Arizona - by Mary Lepant

Wind Cave Radio Survey - by Jim Nepstad

Some Notes of Speleological Interest - by Mark R. Tornblum

Surveying "C" and "D" Caves, South Dakota - by Jim Pisarowicz

Cover image: Paul Burger braves the cold water of Blue Butt Cave, near Fulford Cave, Colorado. Photograph copyright Matt Bowers.

RMC Autumn 1988


Autumn 1988


Cave Survey, Forest Service Discuss Management of Thursday Morning Cave - by Richard Rhinehart and R. Mark Maslyn

Incident at Sotano de Los Planos: The Joy of Skinny Ropes, Rebelays and a Life-Threatening Rockfall - by Louise D. Hose

Jolt III: The Revenge - by Paul Burger

Wildlife of the Lechuguilla Cave System: Natural History of the Mudgerigar - by Donald G. Davis

I Can't Believe We Did Premonition - by James V. Wilson

Investigating the Hack Lake Karst - by Richard Rhinehart

Spectre: The History of a Small Colorado Cave - by Steve Dunn

The Survey of Spectre Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

The Spring Cave Adventure - by Martin J. Smith

Hints for Travel and Equipment Hauling in Stream Caves - by Louise D. Hose

Another Occurrence of Coral Pipes: El Sotano de La Cuesta, San Luis Potosi, Mexico - by Louise D. Hose

Lechuguilla Cave: The Inner Realm Expands - by Donald G. Davis

Lechuguilla Cave Opens Up - by Steve Sims

The Geology of Wind Cave - by David Shafer

A Preliminary Investigation of the Mississippian-Age Madison Limestone Near Cody, Wyoming - by Richard Rhinehart

The Role of the Cave Survey in Colorado Caving or How to Keep the Cave Survey From Becoming That Terrible Monster Your Mother Warned You About - by Larry Fish

"Enter the Doctor" - speleofiction by F.S. Kellogg

Cover image: Colorado caver Dave Allured drops the entrance pit to Powerline Cave south of Eagle, Colorado. Photograph copyright Ken Kreager.