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Rocky Mountain Caving - 1987


RMC Winter 1987


Winter 1987


August Field Camp Scheduled at Bighorn Cave – by Richard Rhinehart

1986 RMC Financial Statement – by Richard Rhinehart

Williams Canyon Rim Threatened by Snyder Quarry – by Donald G. Davis

Quarry Threatens Deep Creek Canyon – by Richard Rhinehart

Restoration in the Oriental Gardens – by Mark R. Tornblom

Silent Splendor: The Video – by Bill Yett

Thunder Underground: The Lost Creek Adventure – by Todd Warren

Risks and Caving – by Patricia Kambesis

A Distortion of Risk – by Martin Smith

Where Not to Look for Caves in the San Juan Mountains – by Barbara am Ende

New Adventures in the Orient – by Joe Scott

A Snedegar’s Cave Weekend – by Paul Burger

The Wanderings of Our Magnetic North Pole – by Jerry Hassemer

Splendor of Another Kind: The Discovery of Four Fingers Crawl – by Richard Rhinehart

The New Year’s Day Accident – by Steve Dunn

A Taste of Okinawan Caving – by Mike Richter

Fun-Filled West Virginia Caving – by Paul Burger

Cover image: Young caver Jason Miller bridges a pool in Groaning Cave's CSU Passage. Photograph copyright Matt Bowers.

RMC Spring 1987


Spring 1987


Photos Requested for New Cave of the Winds Exhibit – by Pat Jablonsky

Security Tightens Following Break-In to Cave of the Winds’ Silent Splendor – by Richard Rhinehart

Do Cyalumes Really Work? – by Steve Reames

A Midwinter’s Trip to Hubbard’s Cave – by Tom Shirrell

Spring Southwest Regional in the Malpais – by Viloya Allured

Something Special: An Essay on How I Short-Changed Myself for Fourteen Years – by Harvey DuChene

Some Historic Speleothemic Shenanigans – by Donald G. Davis

The Guadalupe New Year’s Rock – by June Miller

Explorations in Colorado’s Lime Creek Region – by Stuart Marlatt

The Exploration and Survey of Colorado’s Canyon Cavern – by Robert Fordon

The Porcupine Cave Discoveries – by Kirk Branson and Don Rasmussen

Climbing the High Domes of the Grand Concert Hall – by Richard Rhinehart

Cave Hunting in the Sierra of Peru – by James Miller

Connection Fever at the Cave of the Winds – by Richard Rhinehart

In Nymeyer’s Footsteps: Cave Hunting in the Guads – by Richard Rhinehart

Mexico: Land of Super Karst; High Times in the Deep Pits – by Roy Glaser

References to Black Hills Caves in Colorado Newsletters – by Donald G. Davis

Cover image: Colorado cavers Roy Glaser and Betsy Marlatt begin a tandem ascent of the 364 foot first drop in Mexico's Sotana de Huiztmolotitla. Photograph copyright Doug Wilson.

RMC Summer 1987


Summer 1987


Some Notes on the New Rocky Mountain Caving - by Richard Rhinehart

Grotto Takes Action Regarding Silent Splendor Break-In - by Richard Rhinehart

Reflections on the "Cavegate" Scandal - by Donald G. Davis

Labor Day Rocky Mountain Regional Scheduled for Utah - by Richard Rhinehart

The Colorado Cave Survey Report - by Richard A. Bridges

Pace "Lew Bicking" Award Winner; Three Colorado Fellows Named - by Donald G. Davis

Northern Rocky Mountain Speleological Survey Signs Agreement - by Robert Montgomery

An Experiment in Size and Dimension - by Matt Bowers

A Status Report on Visitation to Colorado's Groaning and Fixin'-to-Die Caves - by Larry Fish

Some Comments on Groaning Access - by Larry Fish

The Mystery of Porcupine Cave's Velvet Room - by Kirk Branson

A Visit to Carnegie's Porcupine Cave Digs - by Mark Tornblom

Summer Cave Hunting in North-Central Colorado - by Richard Rhinehart

Caving in Madonna's Vertical World - by Don Doucette

Status of the Orient Mine Caverns Survey - by Joe Scott

From Shumate's Ice House to Simmons-Mingo - by Paul Burger

"The Mystery Cave of the World": The Forgotten Story of "The New Manitou Cave" - by Donald G. Davis

The Lost Poetry of Bee Cullen Brooks - by Richard Rhinehart

Kerbo to Head Lechuguilla Cave Project - by Richard Rhinehart

New Wonders in the Depths of Lechuguilla Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

Xilitla, Huitzmolotitla and Points Beyond - by Stuart Marlatt

Recent Colorado Explorations - by Gene Dover

Cover image: Stalactites and columns in Colorado's Wednesday Afternoon Cave. Photograph copyright John Switzer.

RMC Autumn 1987


Autumn 1987


New Developments at the Cave of the Winds - by Richard Rhinehart

Colorado Grotto Considering Changes in Constitution - by Richard Rhinehart

Wind Cave Celebrates 50th Mile - by Ed LaRock

Lime Creek's New Discovery - by Tom Shirrell

The Lost Caves of Sacramento - by Debe Bohe

On the Use of Figure-8 Descenders in Caving - by Steve Reames

Ridgewalking the Bench - by Ed LaRock

The Barrier Falls: The New Conning Tower Bypass in Groaning Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

Dark River: The 1987 Exploration of Lost Creek Cave - by Todd Warren

A Taste of TAG Caving - by Ed LaRock

A Visit to the San Juan's Salamander Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

A Schizoid Adventure: Lechuguilla Impressions - by Don Doucette

The August Lechuguilla Cave Expedition - by Patricia Kambesis

Revelations in Lechuguilla Cave - by Donald G. Davis

Too Much Cave? - by William Roy Glaser

From the Depths of Lechuguilla: A Typical Trip Log - by Norman Thompson

Lechuguilla Reveals New Troglobite - by B.P. Petrie

A Major Plateau Discovery: Twenty Pound Tick Cave Opens Up - by Steve Sims

Cover image: Donald G. Davis climbs barefoot past the Liberty Bell to the Wooden Lettuce Passage in New Mexico's Lechuguilla Cave. Photograph copyright Norman R. Thompson.