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Rocky Mountain Caving - 1986


RMC Winter 1986


Winter 1986


Volunteer Applications Now Accepted – by Steve Sims and Richard Rhinehart

Cave of the Winds Restoration Now Underway – by Todd Warren

Waterproof French Coveralls Now Available in the US – by Donald G. Davis

“Where’s Bruce?”: A View of the January Mock Rescue – by Steve Reames

Bruce’s Own Personal Story – by Bruce Costa

Cave Survey Elects Glaser, Sims – by Richard Rhinehart

Commentary on the Draft Groaning Cave Management Proposal – by Dave Allured

1985 Colorado Grotto Treasury Recap – by Alan Williams

Another Look at “Caves of Colorado” – by Steve Reames

Lloyd’s Book is “Undistinguished” – by Donald G. Davis

Notes on the Williams Canyon Area Caves – by Donald G. Davis

A Visit to the Collapsed Entrance of Cave Creek Cavern – by Donald G. Davis

Christmas Time at Porcupine Cave – by Donald G. Davis

Front Range Grotto Moves to Northglenn – by Richard Rhinehart

Chasing Shadows at Myotis Cave – by Richard Rhinehart

Return to Canon City – by Larry Fish

Dilation Theory Now World-Famous – by Richard Rhinehart

A Gazetteer of Huccacove Cave Place Names – by Richard Rhinehart

Mountain Grotto News and Notes – by Steve Reames

Update on the Narrows Cave Dig – by Steve Sims

New Caver Brochure Now Available – by Steve Sims

Mountain Grotto Assists in Cave of the Winds Restoration – by Paul Burger

Massive Stalactite Discovered in Manitou Grand Caverns’ Grants Tomb – by Steve Sims

Warm Weather Draws Mountain Grotto Members to Canon City – by Paul Burger

New Air-Tight Environmental Gate Installed in Whale’s Belly – by Bill Yett

Installation of Whale’s Belly Gate “Tedious” – by Mike Richter

Flash Gordon and the Clay People (Or, A New Theory of the Clay Features in Silent Splendor) – by Larry Fish

Speleological Investigations in the Andes of Peru – by James Miller

The Exploration and Mapping of Colorado’s Grieving Widows’ Cave Complex – by Richard Rhinehart

Cover image: Silent Splendor in Colorado's Cave of the Winds features unique beaded helictites. The Pikes Peak area cave is one of a handful known in the world to contain this unique speleothem. Photograph copyright David Harris.

RMC Spring 1986


Spring 1986


Groaning Cave Volunteers Approved by Cave Survey – by Richard Rhinehart

Rocky Mountain Region Chairman’s Report – by Bob Montgomery

The Eyes Don’t Have it All – by Pat Jablonsky

“Silent Splendor” Premieres at Gala Reception April 14 – by Richard Rhinehart

Rocky Mountain Region 1986 Summer Regional July 4-6 – by Richard Rhinehart

Unprecedented Growth Occurring in Colorado Grotto – by Richard Rhinehart

Temple of Isis Identified – by Donald G. Davis

An Experimental Piezoelectric Lamp Lighter – by Donald G. Davis

A Wind Cave SD Update – by Ed LaRock

Errors About Cave of the Winds In “Caves of Colorado” – by Donald G. Davis

A Horse Story – by Larry Fish

Huccacove Cave Place Names – Some Comments – by Donald G. Davis

Chasms, Natural Bridges and Other Pleasures at the Cave of the Winds – by Richard Rhinehart

Mountain Grotto Update – by Steve Reames

Snowshoe Caving – by Neeld Messler

Historic Connections in the Cave of the Winds – by Don Doucette

Breakthroughs Continue Cave of the Winds’ Northeast Extension – by Joe Scott

Major Schrock Transferred – by Richard Rhinehart

Climbing Practice Held in Huccacove – by Joe Scott

Venturing Inside the Depths of New Mexico – by Todd Warren

A Medical Critique of the Huccacove Cave Mock Rescue – by Rick Oberlin

“The Mystery of the Lost City Caverns” – by Larry Fish

Gypsum Journal – by Don Doucette

Cover image: A cave rescue trainee rigs the haul line at Angel Falls in Colorado's Huccacove Cave during a January cave rescue training seminar. Photograph copyright Matt Bowers.

RMC Summer 1986


Summer 1986


Basic Cave Rescue Orientation Planned – by the Colorado Cave Rescue Network

Costs for Improved RMC to be Shared by All Grottos – by Richard Rhinehart

Large Bat Population Discovered in Cliffhanger Cave – by Paul Burger

Two Rescued from Bell Cavern Near Durango – by Richard Rhinehart

What is an NSS Convention? – by Steve Reames

Wagon Wheel Gap Cave and Crystal Palace Cavern – by Walter Goedecke

The Spell of the Cave of the Chimera – by Paul Burger

The “Lost Horizons” Section of Groaning Discovered – by Steve Simes

Cave Hunting in the Pitkin Area – by Steve Dunn

The Wit and Wisdom of C.Q. Karstfellow – by C.Q. Karstfellow

“For Real” – by Steve Reames

A Successful Rescue – by Steve Sims

Fulford Cave Mission Report: Colorado Cave Rescue Network – by Greg Miller

Fulford Site of Earlier Rescue – by Richard Rhinehart

Groaning Cave Management Update – by Ken Kreager

RMC Now Accepting Advertising – by Ken Kreager

Adventures in the Ozarks – by Joe Scott

New Discoveries in the Orient Mine – by Paul Burger

Frost and Iron: Return to the Orient Mine Caves – by Donald G. Davis

The Disoriented Mine – by Larry Fish

The Underground Hurricane: Digging in Lechuguilla Cave – by Richard Rhinehart

The Breakthrough at Lechuguilla Cave – by Richard A. Bridges

Ecstasy in the Guads – by Roy Glaser

Cover image: Colorado caver Donald G. Davis in the Rim Room of Carlsbad Cavern, New Mexico. Photograph copyright Cyndi Mosch.

RMC Autumn 1986


Autumn 1986


Western Slope Grotto to be Chartered Soon – by Tom Shirrell

A New Gate for Huccacove – by Roy Glaser

Where Did the Bats Go? – by Pat Jablonsky

Fulford Cave Entrance Stabilized in September – by Dave and Vi Allured

Encounter With the Lone Scrubber – by Vi Allured

How Much Risk? – by Steve Reames

A Curious Cave of the Winds Note – by Donald G. Davis

Fulton Cave at Last – by Tom Shirrell

Our Labor Day Trip – by Ken Newton

Old-Time Eastern Caving – by Paul Burger

Diving at Spring Cave – by Steve Sims

A Trip to McKittrick Hill’s Endless Cave – by Steve Reames

Lechuguilla Cave: A Summary Status Report – by Dave Allured

Comments on Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico – by Donald G. Davis

Push at Lechuguilla or the Lech-A-Gorilla Pushes Back – by Richard A. Bridges and Roy Glaser

Lechuguilla Cave Expedition Announcement – by Richard A. Bridges and Roy Glaser

The Program Groaning Wrote – by Larry Fish

Mapping Beyond Far-Away Places in Colorado’s Groaning Cave – by Ed LaRock

Observations on Earthquake Effects in Groaning Cave – by Donald G. Davis

Labor Day at Spanish Cave – by Bruce Costa

Obscuro Paso En La Caverna del Oro – by Todd Warren

A Note on the Geology of Marble Mountain, Colorado – by Ed LaRock

On the Road to Recovery – by C.Q. Karstfellow

The Hodag: A Scientific Explanation – by Wayne Fitch

“Canyon Wrens” – by Harvey DuChene

Cover image: New Mexico's Cottonwood Cave is famous for its large entrance gallery. The mammoth Goliath stalagmite in the passage is one of the larger stalagmites in the Guadalupe Mountains. Photograph copyright Steve Reames.