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Rocky Mountain Caving - 1985


RMC Winter 1985


Winter 1985


Cave of the Winds Access Policies Detailed – by Lee Schrock

Update on the Federal Cave Law – by Dave Allured

New Cave Reported at Quarry – by Richard Rhinehart

Colorado’s 15 Longest Caves – by Richard Rhinehart

Reply to the Rebuttal to “Medville on Surveying” – by Vi Allured

Caves in the News – by Richard Rhinehart

Guads Trip Planned – by Steve Parker

Fixin’-to-Die Cave Survey: End of 1984 – by Dave Allured

A Grand Connection: The Blowhole Entrance to Wind Cave – by Andy Flurkey

Thanksgiving in the Ozarks – by Rich Sloan

Travels With Frodo in the San Juans – by Mark Maslyn

Caving From Fixin’ to the Guads – by Lyle Moss

Digging in New Mexico’s Lechuguilla Cave – by John Patterson

Lechuguilla Cave Accident Report – by Dave Allured

Lechuguilla Cave Trip Announcement – by Dave Allured

New Exploration in Colorado’s Cave of the Winds – by Richard Rhinehart

The “Tour de Fixin’” Expeditions – by Richard Rhinehart

SCMG Meeting Highlights – by Bruce Costa

Digging for Hidden Riches in the Cave of the Winds – by Todd Warren

USAFA Grotto Treasurer’s Report – by Ken Gotski

Radon Gas Measurement in Huccacove Cave – by Lee Schrock and Mark Tollefson

Where are You, Cadet in Charge? – by Lee Schrock

Exploring Fairchild Caverns – by Mark Tollefson

300 Miles of Mammoth Cave: Caving With Roger Brucker – by David Harris

Recent Exploration in the Fulford Cave Region – by James Miller

Cave of the Winds History: New Light From Forgotten Sources – by Donald G. Davis

Cover image: Delicate helictites in New Mexico's Virgin Cave. Photograph copyright Cyndi Mosch.


RMC Spring 1985


Spring 1985


Over 100 Cavers Attend Manitou Grand Caverns Centennial Celebration – by Richard Rhinehart

Bighorn Caverns to be Site of Study Program – by Richard Rhinehart

Silent Splendor Featured in New Video Program – by Richard Rhinehart

Wind Cave Update – by Ed LaRock

Yurika Foods Available – by Mark McKay

Another View on Surveying Vs. Exploration – by Patricia Kambesis

Summaries of Recent Cave Survey Meetings – by Dave Allured

Rendezvous Plans Proceeding Slowly – by Richard Rhinehart

Memorial Day Lechuguilla Cave Dig Trip Planned – by Richard Rhinehart

Vertical Training Session Scheduled for May 4-5 – by Doug Wilson

1984 Colorado Grotto Treasurer’s Report – by Alan Williams

Porcupine Cave Once Proposed as a National Monument – by Donald G. Davis

Colorado Grotto Store Authorized: To Begin Operations in May – by Richard Rhinehart

Discovery of the Pisces Passage in the Cave of the Winds – by Mark Maslyn

Observations: Lowest Part of Cave of the Winds – by Donald G. Davis

Caving in Belize – by Fred Luiszer

New Explorations in Williams Canyon – by Don Doucette

Heavy Spring Snows Bring Flooding to Normally Dry Pedro’s Cave – by Richard Rhinehart

SCMG Meeting Highlights – by Bruce Costa

100 Years of Caving in Manitou Grand Caverns – by Todd Warren

New Passage Uncovered in Cave of the Winds – by Steve Reames

Springtime Caving in New Mexico’s Guadalupe Mountains – by Todd Warren

The Sands of Time in Narrows Cave – by Larry Fish

Cave Digging: From Low-Tech to Hi-Tech – by Larry Fish

A Perry County Thanksgiving – by Patricia Kambesis

More on the History of the Cave of the Winds – by Donald G. Davis

A Preliminary Report on Moonmilk Investigation in Colorado’s Thursday Morning Cave – by Cyndi Mosch Seanor

Cover image: Colorado's Williams Canyon and the Cave of the Winds from the entrance to Narrows Cave. Photograph copyright Ted Lappin.


RMC Summer 1985


Summer 1985


Colorado Natural Areas Council Visits Groaning Cave – by Richard Rhinehart

Kambesis Honored by NSS – by Richard Rhinehart

Bighorn Project Update – by Richard Rhinehart

The New Groaning Cave Management Plan – by Larry Fish

Extravaganza Attracts Over 100 Cavers – by Richard Rhinehart

Museum’s Silent Splendor Documentary Previewed – by Richard Rhinehart

Summaries of Recent Colorado Cave Survey Meetings – by Dave Allured

Fulford Cave Entrance Collapses – by Richard Rhinehart

Regional Slated for Labor Day – by Richard Rhinehart

Surveying Brings Wind Cave to Third Longest in Country – by Rich Sloan

Colorado Grotto Does Well at Convention – by Richard Rhinehart

Caving the Big Ones in Kentucky – by Vi Allured

Caving From Pennsylvania to Kentucky – by Ed LaRock

Colorado Grotto Store Operational – by Richard Rhinehart

Sampling the San Juans – by Donald G. Davis

Flash Flood at Lost Creek – by Vi Allured

A Trip to Doublesink Cave – by Rich Sloan and Ed LaRock

Split Mountain Canyon, Utah: A Reconnaissance – by Donald G. Davis

Cave Hunting in Boiler Creek – by Steve Dunn

Oasis Spring: Like a Jewel in the Desert – by Richard Rhinehart

Fire in the Sky – by Larry Fish

Patterson Creek Bench Shows Much Promise – by Richard Rhinehart

Colorado Springs Parks & Rec Goes Underground – by Todd Warren

Adventure in the Resurgence of Lost Creek – by David Harris

Orient Mine is Sold to Valley View Hot Springs – by Joe Rosenson

A Guide to the Orient Mine – by Thomas A. Naegele

Wilson’s Cave Visited – by Rudy Melena

End of Semester USAFA Grotto News – by Lee Schrock

Huccacove Cave Status – by Lee Schrock

Maps, Maps, and More Maps – by Lee Schrock

USAFA Grotto Activities Schedule – by Lee Schrock

New Discoveries in Fixin’-to-Die Cave – by Donald G. Davis

An Introduction to Cave Photography – by Vi Allured

Accident Report: Deep Creek Canyon – by Roy Glaser

Angel on my Shoulder – by Debbie Glaser

Three Williams Canyon Mysteries – by Donald G. Davis

Groaning Cave 1984 Annual Report – by Dave Allured

USFS Groaning Cave Management Plan – by the White River National Forest

Cover image: A high contrast photograph of the entrance to Colorado's Groaning Cave. Photograph copyright Fred Luiszer.

RMC Autumn 1985


Autumn 1985


Lechuguilla Cave Dig Planned – by Dave Allured

Cavers, Cave of the Winds Management Reach New Agreement – by Richard Rhinehart

The Cave of the Winds Restoration Project – by John Norton

Culvert Suggested for Fulford Cave Entrance Repair – by Dave Allured

New Environmental Gate Installed in Cave of the Winds – by Dave Allured

Management Seminar Proposed – by Dave Allured

More Obscure Connections in the Fixin’ Block – by Donald G. Davis

A Black Hills Report – by Andy Flurkey

TAG Country Caving – by Steve Parker

Early Explorations in the Orient Mine – by Donald G. Davis

Oklahoma’s Newest “Cave” – by Andy Flurkey

Adventures in the Karst – by Richard Rhinehart

Searching for the “Mother Lode” of the Fixin’ Block – by Richard Rhinehart

A New Discovery in the Manitou Grand Caverns – by Steve Sims

Tales of Treasure and Strange Lights – by Steve Sims

New Mexico’s Fort Stanton Cave Visited – by Lee Schrock

Exploring the Labyrinths of Lost Creek – by Richard Knapp

Locking Huccacove – by Lee Schrock

Icy Chills Near Palmer Lake – by Richard Knapp

Climbing Rope Stolen – by Lee Schrock

Safety First!! – by Gary Godwin

Challenging the Depths of Spring Cave – by Todd Warren

Plates in Fixin’-to-Die Cave – by Jerry Hassemer

Depths of the Earth … a Trip to Utah’s Neffs Canyon Cave – by Ed LaRock

Derigging Can be Fun, Sometimes! – by Ted Lappin

Derigging an American Legend – by Rich Sloan

Cover image: Colorado caver Vicky Beckman admires speleothems in Spring Cave, southeast of Meeker. Photograph copyright David Harris.